Success Stories

Since we started in 2012 we have been working closely with the councils on a number of projects to improve cycling in and around Ely.

Witchford to Sutton shared use policy

Work is now complete on the shared use path between Witchford and Sutton along the A142. The rout is over 3m wide for most of the route with a narrower 2m wide section between Wentworth and Witcham.

City Centre Parking

Additional parking has been installed at the Paradise Sports Centre near the main entrance and also by the swimming pool entrance. Waitrose have installed a number of new stands by the cash machine.

Providing higher quality cycle routes for people to use is just part of the solution. When people arrive at their destination they need to be able to secure their bicycle. There are two areas within the city where bicycle parking is currently highly limited: at the Cloisters/ Waitrose and on the High Street.


There are currently only two cycle stands outside Waitrose/ opposite Wilkinsons. By these stands there is a gated off area behind Waitrose which would provide space for at least a small number of cycle stands. Another option would be to use some space between Iceland and Waitrose for additional cycle stands.

High Street

Cycle parking in the city centre is vital to the economic success of the business and retail economies. At the moment, cycle parking on the High Street is in very short supply as evidenced by bicycles chained onto railings outside Cafe Nero for example. It is therefore essential, for the continued economic strength of Ely, that more cycle parking is provided on the High Street. There is plenty of space for a few cycle stands and of course reusing a car parking space would provide 5-6 cycle parking spaces.

Cycling along the river

No no cycling

We’re really pleased that the ban on cycling along the riverside in Ely has been lifted. This is one of the simple improvements we’ve been campaigning for and it’s great to see it come to fruition. We’re hoping this will be the first of many improvements that will make Ely and East Cambridgeshire a safer and more pleasant place to travel by bike.

The riverside is a really important part of the cycle network we’d like to see developed in the district. It gives commuters who live in the North of the Ely a safer route from the end of Lisle Lane to the Station. Making cycling as a means of transport easier and safer has a lot of popular support and that is reflected by the results of the consultation, which was overwhelmingly in support of lifting the ban.

We realise that there is a short section where the route narrows where a little more care is required and after about 12 months of cycling along the river this seems to be working quite well.

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