Ely Cycling Campaign

We are campaigning for better cycle facilities in and around Ely and to promote cycling in the area.

Our aim is to improve the infrastructure and the cycling facilities for commuters, families and experienced cyclists by giving advice and suggestions to local councils and planning committees. We want to insure that future cycle facilities in Ely are as close to Dutch standards as possible and we want to educate council planners and officers on how useful cycling infrastructure should be designed.

As well as trying to improve the current infrastructure we want to show Ely residents that cycling in our city can be a very pleasant experience and a viable means to do the shopping, get to work, go to school and to get to the City’s cafés, restaurants and pubs.

We hope to organise regular bike rides and to invite everyone to explore the existing routes through Ely as well as longer rides to explore the nearby villages and countryside.

Everyone is welcome to join. We want to get as many people as possible to add their voice to the campaign.

Our goals

Large projects

  • Spine routes*: Fast and easy access from NSWE directions, possible candidates for example: Lynn Road, Downham Road, West Fen Road, Cambridge/ Witchford Road, Back Hill, Prickwillow Road.
    * Spine routes are main routes into and out of the City they should meet standard for min. width etc.
  •  Complete the ring road: For example from near the A10 from Witchford Road to Downham Road, then along Cam Drive, Lynn Road, past the hospital to the possible new area, King’s Ave area, Cresswell Pits, along the river, station, Back Hill, Barton Road, Witchford Road
  • Bridges to the Isle: Routes to get out of Ely, especially over the A10, for example: Witchford, Coveney, Little Downham (most likely to happen with the leisure centre), NCR 11 over the A142 towards Soham
  • Ensure the new leisure centre / swimming pool has adequate cycle access and parking if and when it is built

Medium projects

  • Improved road design:
    • Remove traffic islands or replace with toucan crossings (e.g. Lynn Road & Cambridge Road are especially bad)
    • Widening of cycle lanes (2-2.5m)
    • Priority of cycle lanes at junctions with side roads
  • Two way cycling on one way streets
  • Create safe cycle routes to schools

Small projects

  • Repaint / resurface existing cycle lanes
  • Resurface roads and smooth even cobbled speed humps, e.g. Back Hill, Silver Street

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  1. Asia

    All brilliant ideas, really like the organised bike rides idea; think this is key to getting people involved/ interested in the campaign, and started to cycle more. There are a lot of families in Ely so perhaps something involving children too? (eg’ fun run’ type thing but on bikes?), Could the bike shop get involved? (they afterall could profit from increased cycle use in Ely..). People are more likely to cycle when they see other people cycle (eg; cambridge!) and until more people cycle many people won’t think the above proposals are necessary- because ‘not many people cycle here!’ :) So basically I think publicity is the way to go first

  2. bdhendrich

    I agree with Asia on all counts, but would rather not be too much like Cambridge. I agree that organised fun rides would be great for increasing cycling AND teaching people proper traffic laws wrt cycling, but a major problem with Cambridge is that so many cyclist completely disregard (or just don’t know) traffic laws that it infuriates motorists and makes them dislike all of us cyclists. And it’s not just the students, although of course they are quite bad. At least here we have a chance to educate people to be safe, considerate yet assertive cyclists.

    One further point: we should try to do something about the junction of Broad Street and Back Hill. I was very nearly in a seriously bad situation there as I was coming down Back Hill, a huge articulated lorry turned right onto Broad Street coming from the roundabout. While the cab was halfway down Broad Street, I was only able to just squeeze past the back wheels of its trailer with my tyres skidding and traffic coming the other way. Later the same week a woman in a car also turned right in front of me, and didn’t notice me as she was on her phone. Previously, my wife was knocked off her bike there, again, by someone turning right. The desperation of drivers to turn right there means that they often don’t even look for cyclists coming down Back Hill, or I suspect that if they do see them they just don’t care. I really think something needs to be done there.

  3. Mark Nokkert

    Hi all,

    Good shortlist of aims and objectives; great work done.

    As part of the list for large & medium projects, I would like to see added save school routes. It should be possible to find out the most commonly used roads for school runs, and the most common frustration points which lead to people dropping kids off at school by car rather than bringing them on the bike, or letting them cycle for themselves when they get a bit older.

    Just a thought: Sustrans has got many years of experience with ‘Bike-it-Officers’ assigned to a series of schools in one town, usually for an intensive period of two years. Certainly Ely would tick all their boxes to assign a ‘Bike it Officer’ here.

    On the back of this last comment: I think there should also be something about liaising with similar local organisations, e.g. people promoting Ely’s green spaces etc etc. When we can add other ‘green’ reasons to arguments, we stand more of a chance to be listened to, both by Ely residents as well as the Councillors & Planners.

  4. mg

    Thank you everyone for the comments (on-line and in person)!
    We have updated this page to include your suggestions and of course our goals will keep evolving over time so please keep adding your ideas.

  5. Alan

    All good ideas, one big project I’d like to see added is to extend the cycle path that currently runs beside the A142 to Stuntney all the way to Soham and fully connect two major population areas in East Cambs. Not only would this connect Ely to Soham but also Fordham, as Soham and Fordham are already connected with an excellent path. I often ride from Soham whenever I have a parcel to collect from the sorting office in Ely and the lorries and volume of traffic on the A142 isn’t my choice of fun and I suspect it also puts a lot of others off completely.

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