City centre cycle parking

Our achievements to date:

Additional parking has been installed at the Paradise Sports Centre near the main entrance and also by the swimming pool entrance. Waitrose have installed a number of new stands by the cash machine.


Providing higher quality cycle routes for people to use is just part of the solution. When people arrive at their destination they need to be able to secure their bicycle. There are two areas within the city where bicycle parking is currently highly limited: at the Cloisters/ Waitrose and on the High Street.


There are currently only two cycle stands outside Waitrose/ opposite Wilkinsons. By these stands there is a gated off area behind Waitrose which would provide space for at least a small number of cycle stands. Another option would be to use some space between Iceland and Waitrose for additional cycle stands.

High Street

Cycle parking in the city centre is vital to the economic success of the business and retail economies. At the moment, cycle parking on the High Street is in very short supply as evidenced by bicycles chained onto railings outside Cafe Nero for example. It is therefore essential, for the continued economic strength of Ely, that more cycle parking is provided on the High Street. There is plenty of space for a few cycle stands and of course reusing a car parking space would provide 5-6 cycle parking spaces.

Project progress to date

June 2012

We are currently in discussion with various councils which have either money for more stands or have existing stands about the best way forward. Our first step is to map existing parking (see below) and then decide on possible locations for more parking which we can then present to the councils as recommendation.

July 2012

Possible locations for additional parking were discussed at the July meeting and the following list of locations decided on.

  • 2-4 stands in front of Lloyds – Next to the current 2 stands giving more provision for the west end of the High Street
  • Up to 5 stands in front of the Post Office – Replacing 1 parking space with a row of cycle stands.
  • Up to 4 stands Waitrose trolley area – Owner of Waitrose car park offered this space at Ely City Centre Forum –
  •  2-4 stands in front of Cheffins – On the brick island around the tree in front of Cheffins’ office
  •  4 stands in front of Iceland – In the large open aea between Waitrose, Bon Marche and Iceland.
  •  4 stands Paradise Pool – In the dead end of the road around the car park. This area usually has cars parked in it despite the double yellow lines.
  • 2-4 stands in front of Fat Face – Where the phone box has been removed
  • 2 stands Market Square – In the corner along the edge of the Market Square opposite the war memorial
  •  Additional 2 stands in front of Petrou Bros – Add to the single stand in this location, if the current stand were rotated there is space for up to 2 more in the same space
Map of proposed (red) and current (blue) cycle parking
This list has been sent to ECDC, Ely City Council and the CCC.

August 2012

Park that bike replied to our query about promoting their scheme

Many thanks for getting in touch and for your offer of help. It’s taken a while for the cycle stand scheme to get started but we’ve now been given the go-ahead from Cambridgeshire County Council.

We are able to offer not-for-profit organisations free cycle stands, this means

  • surgeries, dentists and health centres
  • schools, colleges, youth clubs, etc
  • voluntary sector groups and community associations
  • charities and good causes
  • sports clubs and swimming pools
  • halls, meeting rooms, community centres
  • churches and places of worship
  • allotments and open spaces

The offer is 2 Sheffield stands free of charge per property. The applicant is responsible for arranging installation of the stands on their own land.

For commercial organisations (business, shops, offices, etc) the Travel for Work Partnership based in Cambridge is providing grants and other assistance. See 

There’s an easy-to-use on-line application form on our website here  I have also attached a PDF of the application form and a guide to installing cycle stands.

A press release sounds like a good next step. Are you happy to draft something? Then perhaps ParkThatBike, the Travel for Work Partnership and the Council can each add a comment.

Hope this is helpful.  Do contact me if you have any questions. Thanks again for your support!

Best regards

August 2013

15th August – Bill and Andy met with a District Council Officer who has been discussing cycle parking with Waitrose.

We talked about why various locations near Waitrose and why some were better than others in terms of them being

  • Convenient (near the shops) – otherwise they won’t get used
  • Prominent (in a well used area) – to discourage thefts and also to act as a reminder that cycling is a normal mode of transport and so encourage more people to cycle

The area in the corner of the car park is unsuitable because it’s neither convenient nor prominent. We pointed out thieves would love it – park a van next to it, cut a few locks load the van up drive off 2 minutes later.

The best location is the large space between Waitrose doors and Bon Marche, this could have a row of racks down the centre in the same way that Fitzroy St does in Cambridge.

The trolley dumping point would also be suitable and is currently under used.

Re-allocating the disabled bay next to the trolley dumping point could also be suitable.

If none of these are possible then re-allocating one or two bays opposite the trolley dump.

In addition the area under the covered section along the side of Waitrose from the fire escape up to and beyond the cash machine were also possible locations.

The ECDC Officer said she would discuss these various options with the Cloisters management company (who own most of the space) and Waitrose who own the covered area (and possibly the car park).

If it would be useful for us to discuss the options and why cycle parking is a good thing with the Cloisters management or Waitrose we said we’d be happy to do that.

August 2014

Waitrose have installed 3 new stands by the cash machine near the front door.

Background and further information

Map of existing parking:

View larger map

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  2. Colin Dooley

    The map is now as up-to-date as it can be, I believe, with the bike shed behind the museum having been added earlier today. Clicking on each pin gives you a bit more detail.

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