Lancaster Way Roundabout

Lancaster Way The Council (Highways and Transport Committee) has recommended a crossing for horse-riders, pedestrians and cyclists on the A142 near Lancaster Way roundabout in Ely. A public consultation had indicated opposition to the proposed plans to increase capacity on the roundabout, with Cambridgeshire County Council without provision for non-motorised travel. Highways officers will nowContinue reading “Lancaster Way Roundabout”

Open Letter to Councillor Bailey

Letter sent to Councillor Bailey today: Ely Cycling Campaign is sometimes invited to comment on cycling-related projects. It is our experience that such invitations almost always come after the decisions have been made and those decision are poor. They are poor because the infrastructure is noncompliant with current design principles, being unsafe, unpleasant to useContinue reading “Open Letter to Councillor Bailey”

Ely Cycling Forum Meeting Report 21-02-2012

Just got back from this meeting. Around 15 to 20 people turned up which is quite encouraging. There were presentations from the County Council, Greater Anglia and Travel for Work which were interesting if perhaps a little Cambridge commuter-centric. During the discussion after the presentations things opened and there were a wide range of topicsContinue reading “Ely Cycling Forum Meeting Report 21-02-2012”