Draft Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire: A cycling perspective

Cambridgeshire County Council have started consulting on their Draft Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire [PDF]. They have drafted the strategy to tackle the current and future transport pressures in and around the district, and to help support growth in East Cambridgeshire. The purpose of this strategy is to: Provide a detailed policy framework and Action PlanContinue reading “Draft Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire: A cycling perspective”

The train companies want to know about your train-bike use

The number of cycle-rail users is growing each year and so it’s important that the Association of Train Operating Companies, understand how best to provide you with helpful information when you’re planning a rail journey with a cycle. They want to make your cycle-rail journey as simple as possible with the view to clarify informationContinue reading “The train companies want to know about your train-bike use”

Is the Witchford to Sutton cycleway any good?

The new Witchford to Sutton cycleway in now finished (except some tidying up around a new street lamp) with a grand opening at 3pm on the 2nd of June . So, is it any good? The good – There is a route There is now a complete route. The new section, combined with re-purposed footwaysContinue reading “Is the Witchford to Sutton cycleway any good?”

Local Party District Council Manifestos

Here’s a summary of the District Council specific manifestos produced by the local political parties (in alphabetical order) and a look at what they have to say about cycling. Conservatives – [full manifesto (pdf)] Freeze the East Cambs element of Council Tax for 2016/17 Support more Community Land Trusts in other communities Aim for aContinue reading “Local Party District Council Manifestos”

Our response to Councillor Hunt’s recent comments on cycling

Ely Cycling Campaign would like to respond to recent comments about cycling reported in the Cambridge Evening News (and also Cycling Weekly and road.cc) made by one of our local councillors, Bill Hunt, Conservative County Councillor for Haddenham and District Councillor for Stretham. In a meeting of the highways and community infrastructure committee Councillor HuntContinue reading “Our response to Councillor Hunt’s recent comments on cycling”

Why not apply to be a local councillor?

There are due to be elections for the District, City and Parish councils in our area in May (at the same time as the General Election). The City and Parish elections are only held if more people apply than the number of available seats, otherwise all the applicants become councillors without an election. That’s whatContinue reading “Why not apply to be a local councillor?”

We’re asking Sir James Paice MP to support the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

We’ve written to Sir James Paice MP to ask him to vote for an amendment which adds a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy to the Infrastructure Bill currently passing through parliament. This bill proposes the £15-billion road building plans which made the headlines late last year and investments for rail, but nothing substantial for cycling or walking. TheContinue reading “We’re asking Sir James Paice MP to support the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy”

Will Ely Southern Bypass include the promised cycle routes?

Now the decision has finally been made to go ahead with the Ely Southern Bypass, work has progressed to the detailed planning and design stage. We’re hoping that we will soon get the first designs for the cycle routes that were promised as part of the scheme. We have been in discussions with the Councillors,Continue reading “Will Ely Southern Bypass include the promised cycle routes?”

DfT Webchat about their Cycling Delivery Plan

The DfT conducted a 1 hour webchat today where they answered 22 questions (yes only 22 in an hour) about their Cycling Delivery Plan. We asked several questions about funding and national standards but they only answered 2 of them. Here’s the full transcript Wednesday November 12, 2014 10:55 Hi, it’s Alison Franks and JayContinue reading “DfT Webchat about their Cycling Delivery Plan”