Half a million pounds that could be used for cycle facilities in Ely

East Camb District Council have half a million pounds available for “traffic and access improvements to Ely City Centre and the Lisle Lane” including “cycle facilities”. Obviously getting people out of their cars and onto their bikes is a great way to ease traffic congestion and we think that they should spend a sizeable chunk ofContinue reading “Half a million pounds that could be used for cycle facilities in Ely”

Ely Cycling Forum Meeting Report 21-02-2012

Just got back from this meeting. Around 15 to 20 people turned up which is quite encouraging. There were presentations from the County Council, Greater Anglia and Travel for Work which were interesting if perhaps a little Cambridge commuter-centric. During the discussion after the presentations things opened and there were a wide range of topicsContinue reading “Ely Cycling Forum Meeting Report 21-02-2012”

Ely Cycling Forum

Tuesday 21st February Calling all Ely area people! The County Council is holding a get-together for Ely cyclists on Tuesday 21st February, 7.15pm at the Cutter Inn, just turn up. Agenda includes -matters aroundthe station, highway issues, development around Ely, Ely bypass, Ely cycle map, events, “input to the political system”, and anything else youContinue reading “Ely Cycling Forum”