Cycling Strategy launch at Ely Market March 9th

We’re launching the cycling strategy we have put together for the north western half of East Cambridgeshire around Ely. You can read it online here or download the PDF version.

The strategy sets out a vision for Ely and East Cambridgeshire where cycling is a safe, enjoyable, and practical way of travelling. The size of Ely and proximity of the surrounding villages means that all journeys in the area can be easily cycled by the majority of people in relatively short times. We believe improved cycling facilities combined with a large uptake in cycling provides benefits not only to cyclists, but also the area as a whole, creating a cleaner, quieter, less congested and generally more pleasant place to live, work, visit, and enjoy.

If you’d like to talk to us about the strategy we’ll be running a stall on Ely Market on Saturday March the 9th.

The strategy includes reducing the speed of traffic in built up areas. There will be information on the market stall from the 20’s plenty for Ely campaign. If you’d like to see 20mph speed limits in Ely there’s a petition you can sign online or at the market stall on March the 9th.

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