Family cycling is very different in Holland

While looking for images for our strategy I noticed something interesting. A search for images of “family cycling” gives a very different set of results from a search for “dutch family cycling”.

Images for “family cycling” from
Images for “dutch family cycling” from

The two sets of images are completely different.

The first set shows family cycling to be a leisure activity undertaken on holiday or at the weekend or as part of a special event. It takes place on tracks and lanes in the countryside and can require helmets and hi-viz clothing.

The second set shows family cycling as an everyday mode of transportation. It takes place where people live, work and shop. No helmets or hi-viz clothing appears to be necessary.

It’s a pity that for many in the UK the first set of images represent the only cycling experience they are likely to have, we’re trying to change that.

One thought on “Family cycling is very different in Holland

  1. Hello Andy, hope you are well.
    I’m afraid that a part of your sample may be due to a computer’s (and the search algorithm in particular) inability to distinguish between idiomatic concepts. In this case it seems be looking for (dutch family)+cycling a lot, instead of the dutch+(family cycling) you probably intended.
    You can improve the accuracy of your search by adding some more syntax to your input with some nice “s (not sure what these are called in english). You can test this by looking at the different results it returns by searching for “family cycling” as opposed to family cycling.
    With the proper syntax you can accurately execute your desired searches by inputting “family cycling” and dutch +”family cycling”. Keep in mind that you will still get skewed results by executing the search from and using english terms for the query though!

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