We’re asking Sir James Paice MP to support the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

We’ve written to Sir James Paice MP to ask him to vote for an amendment which adds a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy to the Infrastructure Bill currently passing through parliament. This bill proposes the £15-billion road building plans which made the headlines late last year and investments for rail, but nothing substantial for cycling or walking.

The Strategy proposed in the amendment would be divided into four parts, setting out:

  • a long-term vision to increase walking and cycling rates across the whole population, in rural as well as urban areas;
  • a ‘Statement of Funds Available’ for the next five years that would be spent specifically on cycling and walking;
  • a detailed Investment Plan of programmes and schemes – for example to improve cycle-rail integration, retrofit safe walking and cycling paths along busy roads and give provincial towns and cities London-style cycling measures and exemplary public spaces;
  • a Performance Specification of measures and targets – for example increases in cycling and walking levels, improvement in safety, and the proportion of schools and stations with safe routes to them.

The amendment is being proposed by a cross party group of MPs and has the support of Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Campaign for Better Transport, CTC – the national cycling charity, British Cycling, Sustrans and Living Streets.

You can ask your MP to support the amendment using the CTC website – campaignwith.us/dxvYAs

Dear Sir James Paice MP,

On behalf of the members of Ely Cycling Campaign, I am writing to ask you to support an important amendment to the Infrastructure Bill.

Cycling and walking are the healthiest and least environmentally damaging ways to travel, but current plans for investment are set to drop steeply from 2016 and fall to less than £1 per person per year from 2018. 

A cross-party group of MPs is putting forward an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that would introduce a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy – to match the existing support for rail and the £15-billion, 5-year investment plan for roads that the Bill proposes. 

Please support this amendment, which could help transform the way people get around East Cambridgeshire, reducing congestion and pollution, and having a positive effect on health.

Your sincerely

Andy Shaw




Very hopeful news that the Infrastructure Bill now includes ‘Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy’ amendment – http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2014-2015/0154/amend/infrastructureaddednames.pdf

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