Local councillors fail to support Space for Cycling

Space4CyclingTakeUpWe hear a lot from councillors about how they want to allow more people to cycle but it seems that when there is an opportunity to make a commitment they fall short.

The CTC is now coordinating a national Space for Cycling (it started in London). The campaign has a simple message, provide space on the roads for cycling. It’s been shown in other countries that if you provide space for cycling people will use. It allows more people to leave the car at home and take the bike instead. It’s not rocket science.

Today the CTC has published a map showing the number of councillors supporting the campaign across the country. In Cambridgeshire (home of the nations ‘cycling capital’, Cambridge) it’s currently a pitiful 4%, just 3 councillors.

[UPDATE] Since we first published this post 3 more councillors have registered support bringing the total to 6 or 9%. But still none from East Cambs.

This goes against the results from last year’s Cambridgeshire Festival of Cycling which showed most local people wanted safe cycle routes and were put off by having to ride in traffic.

From the County’s report on the Festival of Cycling:

88% of people said they would like to cycle more than they currently do.
People would like to cycle more but they don’t because the roads are too busy or too dangerous.
Safe cycle routes would most help people to cycle more.
The statement which best sums up people’s view of cycling is that “it’s a healthy activity and good for fitness”.

Space for Cycling is about providing those safe cycle routes that local people have asked for. So we’re asking our local councillors to publicly support the Space for Cycling campaign.

You can send a message to your local councillor using using the Space for Cycling website (it just take a minute). http://www.space4cycling.org.uk/

Any local councillors who would like to register their support can do so here

One thought on “Local councillors fail to support Space for Cycling

  1. It is so important for the group to have a voice at local government level.
    There have been no Ely City elections for 20 years!
    The reason given is that’ not enough people are interested’ and so councillors are often co-opted. The forthcoming General election would be an ideal time to have an City council election, but that will happen only if enough people apply. To do so, you need to complete a form, available from ECDC.

    Applications need to be in by 9th April.

    If you or anyone you know would be willing to give time to support the local community please apply.

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