Strategic planning

When it comes to cycling there is currently a wide gap between the stated aims of the council and actual provision on the ground. The Ely Master Plan and the Local Plans and  Vision documents for Ely and the surrounding parishes are all littered with statements about encouraging cycling but very little is actually done to make this happen.

We feel that part of the reason why very little actually gets done is due to a lack strategic plans that go beyond general statements about encouraging cycling and define actual objectives.

This strategy attempts to define a more structured and detailed set of objectives which would if implemented encourage more cycling.

The general approach used by this strategy is to “Go Dutch”. This approach uses the experience of continental European countries like Holland and Denmark, where cycling is commonplace, to create an environment that encourages cycling here in the UK.

We have taken the basic idea of providing a segregated network of cycle routes and applied that to Ely and the surrounding district. Outlining where cycling routes should be implemented and what they should look like.

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