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It is going to be a long journey to get from where we are now with virtually no cycle provision of any note to getting this strategy fully implemented.

The first hurdle is to get support, from the general public and the local councils. The strategy is deliberately concise and specific. It is meant to succinctly define what is required in order to encourage more people to cycle more often. In order to get the widest possible support we’ll be circulating draft versions for feedback which we will then integrate.

In addition to circulating the strategy we’ll be going out and talking it through with as many organisations and individuals as possible. We want as many people as possible backing the ideas we’ve laid out and we’re willing to spend time going through them and explaining why they are needed.

Once the strategy has general support we want the council to adopt it. Making it part of their strategy going forwards.


We are often told that a particular scheme has a lot of merit but there is currently not funding available. We think that this needs to be tackled head on. To make any appreciable difference will require a considerable amount of funding over a number of years. The new Community Infrastructure Levy is an ideal source for the required funding.

We propose that a proportion of all CIL money should be earmarked to be used to create the segregated network outlined in this strategy.


Implementing the strategy then falls into two types of project

Altering the current road network

This work needs to be prioritised based on strategic importance and cost. We realise that cost and other factors mean that large scale changes will take time but we would like to see and will support any proposed changes which move towards the ultimate goal of a segregated network of safe routes outlined in this strategy.

New developments

With new developments there is virtually no cost to designing in proper segregated cycle routes from the outset. All new developments should have well thought out cycle provision and should be able to demonstrate how they fit into the wider network, adding value to it where possible. Car centric developments where cycling is an after thought at best should be a thing of the past

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