Encouraging more people to cycle

The overall goal of the strategy is to encourage more people to cycle more often.

In particular there are two main groups which we hope will benefit.

The currently discouraged

There is currently a great deal of interest in cycling due to a number of reasons including; environmental concerns, the ever rising cost of petrol and of course sporting success in Le Tour and the Olympics. However a lot of those interested in making cycling a part of their normal lives are discouraged by the prospect of riding on busy congested roads with fast moving and large motor vehicles.

This group includes many children who could cycle to school if there were safe routes away from traffic for them to use.


There are currently a not inconsiderable number of people who cycle to the station as part of the daily commute. This strategy aims to make their commute a safer, faster, more joined up journey with fewer points of conflict between them and the motor traffic they currently share the road with.

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