Other reference materials

DfT Shared Use Routes for Pedestrians and Cyclists – 2012 – Report [pdf]

Shared use routes are designed to accommodate the movement of pedestrians and
cyclists. They can be created from new, or by converting existing footways or
footpaths. Shared use routes may be segregated or unsegregated. A segregated
route is one where pedestrians and cyclists are separated by a feature such as a
white line, a kerb or some other feature. On an unsegregated route, pedestrians and
cyclists mix freely and share the full width of the route.

Manual For Streets – 2007 – Report [pdf]

The Manual for Streets has won a Royal Town Planning Institute prize. The award recognises that the Manual for Streets is radically changing designers’ and local authorities’ approach to residential street design for the better.

Cambridgeshire County Council Policy for the Introduction of Speed Limits

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