Ely Master Plan

Ely Masterplan: A Framework for the Future Development of the City of Ely

What it says about cycling.


The infrastructure investment associated with growth would help tackle existing congestion points and enhance walking, cycling and public transport.

Growth in Ely

Key measures to enable Ely to accommodate this growth sustainably are firstly the development of a strong public transport policy to encourage a shift away from car use, focusing on rail, bus, cycling and pedestrian network improvement

Context – Local Development Framework Spatial Vision for Ely in the Year 2025

Significant new housing development will function as part of the town and be well connected by pedestrian and cycle links.

Ely today – Ely on the move

Most of the population is within easy walking or cycling distance of key services in Ely. The cycleway network however, is currently fragmented, making it difficult to access key destinations without using the roads

Community views on the future of Ely -Tackling transport concerns

… and improvements to the current fragmented cycling and pedestrian footpath network

Vision and development principles – 5. Enabling Easy Access

To locate new facilities serving the public, for example, schools, health facilities, community buildings, employment sites and retail shops, where they can be easily accessed by the majority of people, by either public transport and/or attractive, safe footway and cycleway networks.

Vision and development principles – 6. Tackling Congestion

To explore ways to minimise traffic congestion in Ely and to maximise opportunities offered by the railway station. This will include public transport strategies that encourage a shift away from car travel and relieve congestion pressures on the A10. Enhanced cycleways and pedestrian routes can contribute both to tackling congestion and encourage health and wellbeing benefits.

Vision and development principles – 7. Widening Housing Choice

To cater for a wide variety of living environments, neighbourhoods, and a mix of density and household types including affordable housing. These should be located within easy access of community facilities, close to key public transport, footway and cycleway corridor.

Vision and development principles – 10. Serving the Wider Rural Community

To develop the role of Ely as a district service centre, focusing employment, retail, leisure and higher level services in the City, ensuring that adequate public transport, cycleway and footpath routes are in place to link the surrounding rural areas with the City.

Development Framework for Ely – Ely on the move

This will require both improvements to public transport facilities, cycling and walking facilities and measures to promote changes in travel mode behaviour.

Ely has exceptional rail links for a City of its size. Although the railway station is a key asset its immediate surroundings provide a poor and unwelcoming environment. The Masterplan proposes measures to improve the pedestrian, cycle and public transport links to the station.

Development Framework for Ely – Proposals (Strategic)

Enhanced Rail Services (Short/Medium/Long term)
The development of facilities and services on the rail network. This will include improvements to the Ely Station forecourt and entrance to allow more effective interchange between buses, taxis, cyclists and train.

Development Framework for Ely – Proposals (Local)

Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements (Short/Medium/Long Term)
A comprehensive programme of improvements to improve pedestrian and cycle links in Ely. These improvements will include enhancements to the pedestrian environment of the city centre and Station Gateway area, and new links within and to development areas. The programme will also include enhancements to links between Ely and the outlying villages.

Development Framework for Ely – Ely at leisure

Ely is a popular spot for river cruising, however the river is seen as “disjointed” from the city centre, and both cycling and walking links are weak.

Opportunity Sites – North Ely Extension

Development will be supported by a quality public transport corridor along High Barns, with improved cycle and pedestrian links along Lynn Road

Easy access via pedestrian and cycle links to the proposed Country Park, riverside area, and city centre.

Opportunity Sites – Riverside and Station Gateway Regeneration

Improved pedestrian and cycle links to Riverside and the station

Implementation – 3. Funding

Other major projects which have not yet been costed include  […] proposed pedestrian and cycling improvements.

Implementation – 4. Building Capacity to Manage Growth

The development of public transport and cycling and walking strategies must therefore be an early priority.


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