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The Broad Street / Back Hill junction has been the scene of several accidents involving cars (especially those turning right) not being aware of cyclists coming down Back Hill.

We were approached by Nick Hill, ECDC Community Safety Officer about a project to raise awareness, this led to this project to put signs up on Back Hill and Broad Street to raise driver awareness of cyclists.

Project progress to date

June 2012

Meeting with Nick Ball ECDC Community Safety Officer 20th June

This was very positive indeed.

Nick considers road safety a priority. He is prepared to be advised by our campaign and is keen to get suitable signage at the Broad Street / Back Hill junction for which he will use the East Cambs safety budget (subject to agreement, which he doesn’t anticipate being a problem).

He will also need to talk to the County Council about signage, but he is optimistic that we will will be successful in getting this. He is going to respond to my post on

Nick has come up with some suggestions for signs.


He wants us to come up with suitable wording and any other suggestions.

July 2012

The signs were discussed at the July campaign meeting and the consensus was that orange “Beware of cyclists” sign was best but needed to be simpler with less wording.

The design agreed on was along these lines.


There was some discussion about the background colour, whether yellow would be better and whether it could be reflective.

21.08.12 Colin and Sean met Nick to discuss possible sites for the signs. The two best ones are shown below. There is also the possibility of a sign for the downhill approach (to be discussed later). Nick said the sign could be yellow and reflective (example below). Further details are in the Minutes for the August meeting.

January 2013

Unfortunately, on the 4th of January 2013, Nick Ball and Sean were contacted by Martin Gowler (Highway Supervisor, Cambridgeshire County Council) with this message (extract): “… Following the receipt of a complaint from a Mr Ellis, who cut his head on the sign near Potters Lane junction yesterday, I have … request[ed] that the signs are removed as a matter of urgency.”

It seems the signs were not placed high enough. We are now pursuing this with Matthew Belton (Cambridgeshire County Council), who is the point of contact for matters such as this.

cycle-drive-safe-posterBRIGHT-YELLOW-FINAL-212x300Up Back hillBroad St to Back Hill

One thought on “Broad Street / Back Hill signs

  1. Sean

    I’ve been chasing this on and off since January 2013. It seems such a simple measure, but still no signs have been put up. My last reply from Nick Ball was on 02/04/14:
    “I am trying to get them back up according to County Council Highways recommendations. Will let you know when done.”

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