Priority over side roads off Witchford Road


The cycle route into Ely along Witchford Road currently gives way at every side road. This should be changed so that the side roads give way to the cycle route.
We appreciate this is a significant change for driver behaviour and so these changes should be rolled out over time. 
The first side road that should be tackled is The Chase
  • The junction layout makes it seem like the cycle route already has priority.
  • There is a raised table where it crosses the road.
  • The crossing is set back from the junction allowing vehicles to turn and then give way.
  • There is ample visibility from all directions.
  • The volume of traffic on the road in and out of the junction is low as it’s a cul-de-sac.




October 2013

October 18th: We raised this with County Cycling Officer when he attended our meeting. He said that there would be resistance from the Highways Engineers but that the junction was ideally suited to having the change and that it would be relatively inexpensive to do.

November 2013

November 6th: Shape Your Place post approved -

November 7th: REply form Cambs CC

Your suggestion has been considered by the relevant team within the Highways Service, which has concluded that, because of the close proximity of the crossing to the road junction, the traffic priorities are safer in their current form.

Consequently, in the interests of highway safety, there will be no proposals to change the priority at this junction.

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