Cambridge Road / St Mary’s St / West End


The section of road at the the end of Cambridge Road past the junction with West End and along St Mary’s Street is hazardous for cyclists.

Given this is a main route for cyclists into the city we propose this section of road be completely redesigned with cyclists in mind.


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September 2012

18th September 2012

Following a walkabout with Jane Thompson and 2 highways engineers the following was discovered:

The council officers agreed that the pinch point where the cycle path ends was dangerous for cycles and with the traffic calming already further up (big 30mph flashing sign), it wasn’t really needed.

However, Cambridge Road road surface is in a very bad condition with potholes, cracks and patches which make it unpleasant to cycle on. The council have put the road forward for resurfacing and recently lost a bid down to a road marking error. When the lines were refreshed they were done further than instructed and when the road was inspected for resurfacing it was decided, “if you think it was good enough to paint, you don’t need to re do it”. A simple error by painting too far meant they lost the improvement bid.

They have applied to have the whole stretch from the A10 roundabout down to the city centre to be resurfaced. However, there are plans to replace a huge power cable that runs from Soham to the electricity junction building on the corner next to the aforementioned pinch point. If they re-surface the road before that cable gets done, then there will be a trench dug into the new road surface. This cable replacement is planned for some time around 2014, so the chances are they will wait until that’s done before bidding to have the whole road done.


This section of road has several features which all need to be addressed.

  • Narrow cycle lanes which disappear
  • Central islands which force cyclists into the fast moving traffic
  • Wide sweeping junction which doesn’t help slow the traffic joining from West End
  • Right turning cars in the middle of the road
  • Parked cars on the side of St Mary’s Street and up Cambridge Road

We suggest:

  • The central islands are removed
  • A safe, continuous wide cycle route is defined along Cambridge Road and St Mary’s Street into the city centre
  • Use could be made of the wide pavement along the North side Cambridge Road and the south side of St Mary’s St.

Possible route

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July 2014 Update
The aforementioned cabling work for UK Power Networks has begun and is set to run until February 2015. It is hoped this will provide the opportunity to improve the safety of the area. Enquiries have been made with the District and County Councils to move this forward as it had been indicated that nothing would be done until after the cabling work was completed.
Both Councils will report to Ely Cycle Campaign shortly and any updated will be posted here.

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