This is a list of our current projects.

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Matt Holmes

    Are there any plans for a cycle route between Littleport and Ely? I notice that you can no cycle safely all the way to Sutton from Ely but there is nothing north of the city. Littleport is closer to Ely than Sutton and is also more populated, a safe mixed use path would greatly improve the links between the two and I believe it would encourage more people to cycle to Ely. At the moment we can brave three different routes (A10, Branch Bank and Ely/Lynn Rd) neither of which are particularly safe for cyclists particularly for children. As a runner I often run along the river to Ely and come back along the old A10, it would be much better if a dedicated route/path could be created to serve those not driving. Any thoughts/feedback would be appreciated.

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