September 20th 2012 – AGM

7.30pm at The Lamb

Annual General Meeting


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from last meeting
  3. Finances
  4. Membership renewal for everyone
  5. Election of new committee
  6. Ely Crossing Action presentation (tbc)
  7. Market Stall
    • Public Liability Insurance
  8. 20’s Plenty Campaign
  9. Station Gateway
  10. Octagon Retail Park
  11. Local Plan – [pdf]
  12. Community Notice Boards
  13. Action Register and Projects
  14. AOB
    • T-Shirts
    • Balancability
  15. Agree date for next meeting


Agenda Point Notes Action
1. Apologies Michael Gruenberger 
2. Minutes of the      Last Meeting Minutes Approved.
3. Finances The account is in credit.
4. Membership The campaign has 17 memberships. We welcomed Ian Allen as a new member. New annual membership is due.
5. Election of New    Committee There was a quorum.Andy Shaw was re-elected as Chair.

Michael Gruenberger was re-elected as Treasurer.

Christine Jones was elected as Secretary.

It was agreed that Sean McSweeney would be a non-Committee Officer (title to be determined) in order to continue acting as a moderator on the website.

6. Ely Crossing     Action       


Ely Crossing Action (ECA) is a campaign group, including planners, architects and local councillors, opposed to the current flyover solution to the problem of the level crossing near Ely station. They would like to know if ECC is prepared to back their alternative proposal.Ian Allen of ECA (also the Councillor for the Haddenham ward) outlined the ECA position:

  • Equal weight was not given to the 4 proposals at the public consultations, with a bias towards Plan B.
  • Concerns with the planned high-level road: noise, pollution and ruining the view of the cathedral (English Heritage oppose it)
  • Propose using Plan D, with the route going over the railway and dropping between the rail and the river in the Kings School playing field; or digging a tunnel under the embankment instead of the flyover – would require 3 days’ closure. A tunnel will cost more than a flyover.
  • There is no planning application yet for Plan B and there will have to be a public consultation beforehand. The Conservatives are mainly in favour and the Lib Dems are challenging it.

We thanked Ian for his presentation. ECC took no position on the ECA proposal, but invited members to respond individually as they think fit.

For more information on ECA go to:

7. Market Stall Saturday is preferable to Sunday for local people. A space costs £20 and a stall £10. The site opposite Dorothy Perkins has good footfall. Sean and Ian Allen will liaise to ask the manager of City Cycles if he will agree to discounts for members (10% minimum).  Ruth M-B will talk to the Boatyard about possibly getting involved (they repair and sell bikes). We will take the 20’s plenty petition and get email addresses of anyone interested in joining. Everyone present agreed to help out if available. Andy T will do the poster. John J will contact Sustrans.Michael will look into public liability. Christine will supply quotes she has. Sean will look at Co-op insurance. SM & IA




8. 20’s Plenty It seems this will depend on S106 money. Andy S will email all ECDC councillors on this. We will ask for it to apply to all of Ely and without speed bumps.We should aim to get press coverage when handing in the petition.
9. Station Gateway There will be consultation workshops in October and November. Andy S, Andy T and Andrew P will try to meet Shirley Blake, the officer responsible, who has emailed Andy S already. (We have also invited her to talk at one of our meetings.)We should try to establish to what extent the local authorities are thinking in terms of joining up the infrastructure and cycling provision for this venture and the rail crossing and Octagon developments. We should also prepare our own proposals.

Might a 1-way circular route work?

ECA’s note that Plan B route goes over the Sustrans route. We should find out how the County Council instructed their contractors.

10. Octagon Retail Park The model on public display showed absolutely no provision for cycling. Our approach will be as in item 9 above.
11. Local Plan Again, there is no mention of cycling provision. Nor of Park & Ride. Andy S will contact Katie Childs, the ECDC officer responsible and contribute idea. These can also be fed in through village “visions”.  


12. Community Notice Boards  Sean will post a list on as a forum topic – the idea being that we list where we have tried (& succeeded or failed) to get our cards (and eventually posters) posted. SM
13. Action Register and Projects As below:
A. Witchford to Witcham Toll Page is up on website. The Parish Council were positive and estimate costs to range from £60k to £600k. The section going towards Sutton is blocked by mounds of soil. John J knows the architect and will inform him.Haddenham are not interested but most local PCs are. There is  a neighbourhood panel made up of the PC chairs on October 1st and Andy S will attend.  JJ 



D. Gallery contraflow Christine asked about this and was told it would be too expensive.  
E. Shape Your Place We have added comments to all relevant posts.  
F. Waitrose trailers Andrew P has had no response  – he will chase. AP
G. Online 20’s Plenty petition Done
H. Witchford PC and 20’s Plenty Andy attended this. (see item 11A above). Adam Cobb (Highways Engineer) quoted £150k to accommodate cycle path changes to the Lancaster Way roundabout. Andy S will arrange to meet him and another engineer to view it and see if there are cheaper options.  AS
K. New Cinema Andy S has had 4 or 5 responses to his emails to council members. These were positive. An underpass looks likely.
L. Little Downham shared route. Andy B attended the PC meeting but they did not support this. They were concerned they would lose the school bus (also seemed to have no interest in cycling provision).There are minor highways improvement schemes with small budgets for PCs. These might require (token?) match funding (from us?). Local groups can also bid for improvements.

Kevin Hall will arrange a daytime meeting and talk to us about this.

Sean will see if he can get a more sympathetic response from those involved in the village website, and will contact Patrick Joyce to see if we can try a different strategy regarding the bus.

 SM x2
M. Dangerous junction near police station Christine will set up a project page. CJ
N. Cobbled speed bumps Jane needs to get a quote from the Highways Engineer (will use S106 money). The proposed material is more costly than tarmac – we might ask for a cheaper solution.
P. LSTF Andy S contacted Mike Davis who said timescales are short. We have not been told what sort of thing the money is for. Andy S will follow up. AS
U. Park that Bike Christine will draft a press release. CJ
V. Lancaster Way roundabout See item 11H above.
W. Health and Well-being Board Andy has contacted them to see if they have any funds and is waiting for a reply. He will chase if necessary. AS
14. AOB A. T-Shirts. Sean will get a quote from the printer for the new design (white on blue).B. Signage. Sean will chase Nick Ball.

C. Balancability. Christine just wanted to inform the campaign that she intends to set set up a local venture for 2-6 year-olds teaching them to get used to bikes without pedals or stabilisers. She would welcome any volunteers.



15. Date and place of next meeting  Thursday 18/10/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House). General meeting.



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