September 16th 2013 – AGM

7.30pm at The Lamb

As this is the AGM we have a few procedural necessities to take care of including voting the Officers. Michael would like to stand down as Treasurer so we’re looking for at least one new Officer.

We also want to discuss what we should concentrate on over the next 12 months, creating, publicising and campaigning for the adoption of the strategy worked well last year but we need to move on and decide what tack to take next year.


  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
    2. Vote on changes to membership to make all members lifetime not annual
    3. Vote for new Officers – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  2. General discussion about how we’re doing and whether we need to change our approach.
    1. Spreading the workload by creating small teams of active members who take on specific projects or areas of work.
    2. Focus on one or two core projects – suggestions required
    3. Work on raising the campaign profile and membership
  3. Rides and Events
    1. Soham Pumpkin Fair – 28th of September –
    2. Ely Market – 29th of September
  4. Strategy and Projects
    1. Getting Cycle Strategy adopted
    2. Arranging to give talks about strategy
    3. Response to Greater Anglia’s Cycling Strategy
    4. West Fen Road / Downham Road junction
    5. Cycle Parking at Waitrose
    6. Minor Improvements
    7. Cobbles in the Porta
  5. AOB


Agenda point Notes Action
1. Admin
Apologies Sean, Neil, Mark
Membership 55 members MG
Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
Finances £70 in the bank MG
B. Vote not possible as there were not enough people present (minimum 10) at the meeting.
C. Vote not possible as there were not enough people present (minimum 10) at the meeting.
2. General discussion about how we’re doing and whether we need to change our approach postponed until there are more members present.
3. Rides and Events A. Soham Pumpkin Fair, 28th September agreed meet at Porta Gates 11.30am on the day, Bill, Andy B and Christine CJ
B. Ely Market Sunday 29th September, Steven, Andy S, Andy B and Christine. Set up from 9.30am CJ, AB, AS
4. Strategy and Projects A. Strategy adoption: No updates CJ, MG, AS, JJ, AT
B. Arranging to give talks about the Strategy – AS to talk to Katie Childs about doing a talk at the Neighbourhood Panels AP, AS
C. Response to Greater Anglia Cycling Strategy – Response to be approved to send to GA. AS
D. West Fen Road/Downham Road Junction – Ask Highways for a safety assessment. AS
E. Waitrose – Bill and Andy S met with Sally Bonnet – there were numerous suggestions, the best being where the empty trolly park is next to the disabled parking. AS to email waitrose manager.
F. Minor Improvements – Nothing back from Patrick AS to chase up. And contact Mike Rouse. Invite Patrick to the next meeting to do an update. AS
G. Cobbles in the Porta, contact ECDC and Mike Rouse to chase. AS
6. AOB
7. Agree date for next meeting Next Meeting date Monday Monday October 23rd, 7.30pm Lamb Hotel.

2 thoughts on “September 16th 2013 – AGM

  1. Kevin

    Morning all, hope the AGM went well.

    4G – Cobbles in the Porta. Has anyone else noticed that the final speed bump on Silver Street has had the big hole filled in? They’ve just put a dollop of black tarmac in there, which kind of defeats the ‘aesthetics’ argument that was being put forward.

    At any rate, the bumps on The Gallery nearest the cathedral are far preferable to the ones nearer the mini roundabout and on Silver Street. The ones near the cathedral seem to use block paving rather than cobbles. And if they are aesthetically pleasing enough to be near the cathedral, then surely they can be used where the cobbled bumps are?

    4E – Cycle parking at Waitrose

    Another idea well worth pursuing with Waitrose is whether the Ely store can offer the [url=]cycle trailer loans[/url] which are available already at [url=]Newmarket[/url].

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