October 21st 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb

One of the County Cycling Officers is coming to go over the details of the Minor Improvements which are going to be implemented over the next few months.


  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. Rides and Events
    1. Family rides?
    2. Possible future events, market stall?
  3. Strategy and Projects
    1. Getting Cycle Strategy adopted
      1. Arranging to give talks about strategy
    2. Space4Cycling
    3. Response to A14 funding announcement
    4. Response to Greater Anglia’s Cycling Strategy
      1. Bike on trains
    5. West Fen Road / Downham Road junction
    6. Cycle Parking
      1. Waitrose
      2. Sainsburys
    7. Riverside
    8. Ely North Development
    9. Bypass
    10. Station Gateway
    11. Lisle Lane
    12. Cobbles in the Porta
  4. AOB


1. Admin
A. No apologies, changes to membership or finances. CJ, AS, MG
2. Rides and Events
A. Family rides on hold until the spring CJ
B. Possible future events, market stall – no firm plans yet but AB to find events in the Spring of 2014 where a stall might work. AB
C. Patrick Joyce, County Council Cycling Officer went through a list of minor improvements throughout Ely – plans to widen many of the barriers on the shared paths off road so that trailers could fit, additional cycle parking etc. Awaiting list and timeline of when these will happen from Patrick. CJ
3. Strategy and Projects
A. Getting Cycle Strategy adopted – no changes AS
i. Arranging to give talks about strategy – AS to talk to ECDC about possible opportunities like the Neighbourhood Panels AS
B. Space4Cycling – Agreed to support this LCC campaign and take it to a national level by voicing our support.
C. Response to A14 funding announcement – Strategically not much we can do on our own but all agreed to support other objecting groups, when the opportunity arises.
D. Response to Greater Anglia’s Cycling Strategy
i. Bike on trains – official response ready to be sent. AS
E. West Fen Road / Downham Road junction – no updates
F. Cycle Parking – no updates BP
i. Waitrose – still up in the air, a new Waitrose manager just started is delaying the process
ii. Sainsburys – CJ to talk to PR people at Sainsburys CJ
G. Riverside – we have won the battle in principle, see ECDC published outcome AS, MG, BP
H. Ely North Development – consultation in process, need to provide an official response from the cycle campaign as well as asking members to respond to the public consultation. AS
I. Bypass – positive updates to the plans (yet to be made official). AS
J. Station Gateway – several ways to design two way and paths either side, roundabout and routes up into town still big gap between what is desirable as a cyclist and what is likely to be delivered.
K. Lisle Lane – no updates
L. Cobbles in the Porta – no updates
4. AOB  Next Meeting Monday November 18th, Lamb Hotel 7.30pm.

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