October 18th 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb




Agenda point Notes
1. Apologies Sean McSweeney

2. Membership

Fees from new members and those who still owe

Membership cards have been distributed and the rest can be sent or given out at the next meeting. MG

Discounts – Nothing done yet, still need to ask City Cycles and Costa. Christine to ask Station Cycles in Cambridge. CJ
3. Minutes from last meeting

Minutes approved
4. Finances

£150 in the bank

Plan may be to invest some in more t-shirts, SM

20’s Plenty stickers, CJ

Printing posters and information for publicity like the market stall planned in March CJ

Public Liability insurance still needs to be applied for. SM

5. Progress during last month

Meeting with KC

Andy Shaw will be meeting with Kate Childs, Local Sustainable Transport Fund next Tuesday asked if other members wanted to attend.

Andy reported on his meeting with Kevin Hall. There is cash for £50K per annum for improvements. This can be requested/bid for by local parishes. Main problem being they are expected to put at least 10% of the funding forward themselves. This is not in our interest but may be worth reminding City of Ely council, and the parish councils for the villages for example.

The S106 money has been allocated (possibly partially spent). From our point of view they chose to:

Refresh the signs in Ely, (this was not our recommendation as there aren’t many signs that relate to cycling in the centre of Ely at the moment and the city centre is relatively easy to navigate – the only improvements we wanted for the centre was to take cars off the highstreet). We have recommendations for new signs (see minor improvements list).

Re-do the granite setts by the Porta and on Barton Road – still not clear what exactly they will be replaced with, will depend on what the Heritage department will allow. We have agreed that even though technically this should be a maintenance issue, it will make a big difference to the hundreds of cyclists commuting to the station every day.

Lisle Lane – not sure what this means, possibly resurfacing further up towards Prickwillow Road and adding more cycle lanes.

Cycle Parking throughout the centre – this was already promised and seems to appear on many lists. We have submitted our recommendations and will see what and when this happens.

Andy, Bill and Ian attended the West Area Neighbourhood Panel Meeting – this covers the villages west of Ely towards Haddenham. The main reason was to push for joining the paths to complete the route along the A142 by Witcham Toll – the parishes are all in favour, there appears to be no opposition. The main obstacle being no one is prepared to put up the money available from their pots and make it a priority.

Andy asked Patrick Joyce (CCC) how best to effectively make progress on projects like this that are small and doable but never seem to get priority and he didn’t know. Patrick would rather see good quality projects, the main problem being is that they are always too expensive so nothing gets done.

There is a lot of support among the villages for 20mph zones within the villages – petitions here could be effective in moving this up the list of priorities.

20’s Plenty – Christine Jones has taken over this project from Michael Gruenberger. Christine reported that she has contacted the District Councillors to see what support is there. Some replies have been received and there is support and no opposition has been expressed. Advise seems to be to work up from City of Ely Council and the local police, get it approved there, then on through the District and up to the County. Public approval and support is key; without the majority wanting to enforce this the police will have their work cut out enforcing the new limit. Having met with Ben Bishop the City of Cambridge Council officer for Total 20 mph limit in Cambridge, main points of interest are that funding for his job is for 2 years starting earlier in 2012. The plan is to implement the new speed limit by early 2014 at the latest. Christine plans to bring the subject of reducing the limit in Ely forward at the City of Ely Council meetings and aim to set a deadline in line with Cambridge for 2014.

There is a website for 20’s Plenty for Ely (www.ely.20splentyforus.org.uk) and petition on line. Petitions will be created for physical signatures for use by the local schools and the market stall in the spring in the coming months.

Market Stall in March – Possible dates are the 2nd or the 9th of March 2013, date to be decided at the meeting in November. CJ
6. Minor projects

Andy reported that there is a list of minor improvements on the website, contributed to by members this list is a work in progress and by the next meeting in November we will have agreed on a list to submit to the County Council.
7. What sort of infrastructure do we want, where do we want it ?

Forum discussion on types of provision

The Majority agreed that we want to explore what types of provision we want to push for.

Possible provision document

Work in progress

Proposed network presentation

Andy Shaw presented the current cycling map, the main problem is the routes don’t appear to go anywhere or any practical application other than you are able to cycle on them. He explained about a new map that a small group of members within the cycle campaign have been contributing to in order to create a list of routes used by cyclists based on cyclists experiences in Ely. The goal is to suggest places in Ely where with various levels of improvement routes can be created using cut throughs, paths and back roads. Then Ely has a cycle network suitable for use by all ages and levels of experience. There needs to be two levels of provision; cycle paths on the main trunk roads – the trunk roads tend to be the roads where inexperienced cyclists now often cycle on the pavements for safety and are the routes everyone knows – if they are perceivabley safer this will be the first step to encouraging more cycling. The back roads and cut throughs are used more often by people used to walking into the centre and as residents become more familiar with short cuts and quieter routes. These provide a valuable resource allowing children to gain experience and road sense with less stress for the parents.

Proposed network map

The majority agreed that this was a project we would continue to work on and contribute to and want to present to the City, District and County councils in the near future.
8. AOB

9. Agree date for next meeting

Next meeting Thursday 15th November at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House). General meeting.



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