November 15th 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Apologies
  2. Membership
    • Fees from new members and those who still owe
    • Discounts
  3. Minutes from last meeting
  4. Finances
    • Web hosting fees
  5. Progress during last month
    • Petition
    • Minor improvements
    • Little Downham
    • Market Stall
    • Local plan
  6. Strategy
    • Review the map of the network
    • What sort of infrastructure do we want?
  7. AOB
  8. Agree date for next meeting

Agenda point Notes
1. Apologies Paul Lanser, Chris Briggs, Andrew Turton

2. Membership

No Fees to be paid and nothing owed

Discount has been arranged with both City Cycles in Ely and Station Cycles in Cambridge. All Cycling Campaign Members are entitled to 10% discount on things they buy if they show their Ely Cycling Campaign membership card.
3. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved

4. Finances £150 in the bank

Web hosting Fees – the website is running out of space and we need to look at upgrading the website for a monthly fee of £5 a month. This was seen as a possibility but Andy would look at ways to store data on google files and use links to free webspace as an alternative to paying £5 a month. AS

Public Liability insurance still needs to be applied for. SM

5. Progress during last month

Petition AS suggested we look at creating a petition for local people to sign on the subject of cycle provision in East Cambs/Ely. We could look into what precisely to petition for and set up a petition on line. AS

Minor Improvements – the minor improvements have been given a number from 1 to 3 (1 being most urgent) Members can have a look on the minor improvements page and if they wish to move something higher or lower can email with their suggestions. Currently it’s approximately rated according to the number of people likely to benefit from the suggested improvements.

Little Downham – Still currently in stale mate due to there being no way the Parish Council will budge unless they get assurances from the County Council that their School Bus Service is safe. It was suggested by Bill Hunt, Cambridgeshire County Councillor that Phillip Read would be the best County Councillor to communicate that nothing can be done to improve the situation until this has been resolved.

Market Stall in March – Date chosen was the 9th of March. Christine will email Julia Davies and book the stall. CJ

Local Plan – Andrew Turton sent the officers a draft of the Local Plan setting out a 20 year vision for East Cambs as a district and local plans for each of the settlements in the area, including Ely. He suggested we read these draft documents and suggest improvements to the parts that mention cycling and cycle provision in the area. It was agreed that: CJ, AS, AP

AS draft a covering email to sum up our thoughts as a Cycle Campaign and suggest improvements,

AP would draft a paragraph summing up our vision and

CJ would go through the documents and number the pages and paragraphs where there are suggested changes and draft those suggested changes.

It was agreed that where cycle improvements hadn’t been specified and roads were that the following be suggested as additions to give the list more substance: Route to the Station, Connections to the villages and that all new developments include dedicated cycle provision within and to.
6. Strategy

Review the map of the Network – Suggestions were welcomed on how we could make a review of the current network and how the future network could grow. At the next meeting we will bring a large map of ely and the area and draw on it where the network currently exists and what improvements we would like to see. AS, CJ, MG

What sort of infrastructure do we want? The general feeling was that a dedicated network involves segregation where possible. The officers had drafted a strategy document now available on the website: The provision should follow these principles:

Segregation on all routes where the traffic speed is over 30mph, inc. main roads between Ely and the surrounding villages and towns. (e.g. A142 to Sutton)

Segregation on main routes across Ely and through the surrounding towns and villages (e.g. Back Hill, Ely and Main St. L. Downham)

Reducing speed and restricting motor traffic on other routes (One way streets, no through roads for motor traffic etc.) (e.g. Church Lane, Ely)

Making cycle journeys connected and unhindered (not giving way to side streets, no “cyclists dismount” points etc)

This was approved at the meeting by the members.
8. AOB We were visited by three guests; Anna Bailey ECDC, Bill Hunt CCC and Gareth Wilson, Haddenham Parish Council regarding 20’s Plenty. They were very helpful and requested we send them more information and press releases relating to 20’s Plenty elsewhere in the UK. CJ agreed to email them thanking them for coming and attach the requested information. CJ
9. Agree date for next meeting

Next meeting Tuesday 18th December at 7.30pm: The The Castle Lodge Hotel, High Barnes, Ely, Short meeting and Christmas drinks.

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