May 23rd 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb

For the first part of the meeting we have invited the 7 newly elected (or re-elected) County Councillors for Ely and the surrounding area. We have currently had 3 replies from Councillors who can’t make it. Hopefully some or all of the remaining 4 will be able to attend.

That’ll be followed by the normal meeting. We have a few projects to discuss this month inc. Back Hill, the Riverside and routes to the new developments north of Ely.


Meeting with the local Councillors

  1. Discuss how we can work together with the Councillors to get more of the available funding spent in our area.
  2. Agree some projects to concentrate our joint efforts on.

Normal meeting

  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. Rides and Events
    1. Report back about – ride to Reach Fair which we’re leading this year
    2. Starting up the family rides again
    3. Strawberry Fair – 1st of June
    4. Cam Bike Fest – 22nd of June
  3. Campaigns
    1. “Cambridgeshire Festival of Cycling”
      1. Report back about – Soham May 19th
      2. Ely Market stall June 30th
    2. “We want to cycle” flyer / survey
  4. Strategy and Projects
    1. Riverside
      1. Newspaper report about City Council
      2. Possible City Council motion
    2. Getting the Strategy adopted by the District Council.
    3. Cycle Parking
      1. Waitrose
    4. Route to Little Downham
      1. Report back about – Public meeting to discuss safety on B1411
    5. Broad St / Back Hill
      1. Report back about – Site meeting
    6. Minor Improvements
      1. Report back about – Tour of possible ones to be dealt with
    7. Routes from the North of Ely to the City Centre and Station
      1. Report back about meeting with ECDC officer(s)
  5. Feedback for the Council Officers
    1. LSTF Funding Priorities
    2. Minor Improvements
  6. AOB
    1. Google Group / Mailing list how is it going?
    2. Community board on the website
  7. Agree date for next meeting
Thursday 23rd May 2013 7.30pm Lamb Hotel
Agenda point Notes Action
Part one – No Councillors attended the meeting
Part two – usual meeting
1. Admin:
a. Apologies Andy B, Andy T, Sean, Bill and Michael
b. Membership 54 members MG
c. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
d. Finances £30 MG
2. Rides and Events A. The ride to Reach Fair was a great success, 12 people came along and next year the intention is to get the word out better – use the A Board at the railway station, get in the local paper and advertise in the bike shops. JJ, CJ
B. Family rides: Christine has set up a facebook group called Ely Women and Families Pedal Power Rides in East Cambs and booked the first ride for the 9th of june, meeting at Jubilee Gardens and riding to Wicken. CJ
C. Strawberry Fair 1st of June. We have been invited to participate but it was decided that it would be unlikely to generate much interest for us as the participants would be Cambridge based.
3. Campaigns D.Cambridge Festival of Cycling:
i.The festival in Soham was great success, if not for the cycle campaign in generating new members. There were lots of people with bikes of all ages and it appeared that people cycled out towards Wicken regularly on family rides at weekends. Judging by the turn out, a cycle path that runs along the A142 would be well used both for commuters and for families coming into Ely weekends.
ii. For the Festival in Ely on the 30th, more business cards, stickers and a good size map of East Cambs need to be bought.
Christine to contact Julia Davies and find out if we have an actual stall like the one we had on the Market and where it will be on the day.
Andy T to get an A1 size printout of the East Cambs cycle network.
4. Strategy and Projects A. Cycling from Soham to Ely: Set up a Facebook group and Project Page CJ
B.Riverside Access:
i.The piece in the paper was based on minutes supposed to have come from a City Council Meeting on the 8th of April. Christine to look up the minutes.
ii.Mike Rouse has agreed to table a motion to lift the ban along the river. MG to contact Mike Rouse to put an arguement together.
Gather evidence that people are generally careful when walking or cycling next to the river anyway and that there have been no incidences recorded.
C.Cycle Parking next to Waitrose – Bill was asking Waitrose Bill
D. Route to Little Downham report back about public meeting on the 3rd of May. Andy B attended. People at the meeting were requesting that the speed limit be reduced from 60mph to 40mph and the CC officer there, Amanda Maise said that if the speed limit were reduced more people would overtake and there could be more accidents. Also that they wouldn’t reduce the speed limit in the Village from 40mph to 30mph. The upshot being that the path we wanted made suitable for cycling was deliberately made so it could not be cycled on or made into a cycle path because they believe in doing so the CC will stop the school bus from the village to the College. AB
E. Broad St/Back Hill junction – Meeting Friday 17th May at the junction. Mike Rouse, Andy S and an officer from Highways attended. It was noted that the volume and speed of traffic there was even worse than anticipated. Various ideas were suggested like changing the flow so that the road going up from the roundabout goes round into Broad St as appose to up the hill, changing the priorites but no solution has been found. It seems that any restriction to the flow of traffic won’t be tolerated and for the moment nothing can be changed. AS
F.After the meeting on the 17th the Council officers toured the list of No.1’s on the Minor Improvements list. Nothing further to report at this stage.
G. Routes to North Ely and the Station – Meeting with Sally Bonnet on the 23rd of June at ECDC. Christine met with Sally and suggested the routes and levels of provision we had discussed at the previous ECC meeting. She made extensive notes. Nothing further to feed back at this stage. CJ
H. Google groups – there has been a positive take up on using the Google groups to discuss projects between ECC monthly meetings. AS
5. Feedback for the Council Officers Nothing has been fed back at this stage AS
B. Broad St/Back Hill Junction
i.Meeting at the junction May 17th 10am with Council Officers. Andy B, Andy S, JT and Bill Perry have agreed to attend.
C. Minor Improvements list – we have a list of 25. It would be useful to come up with a top 10. Project Page and discussion to be set up by Andy S
6. AOB Sean suggested we set up a Community Board to sell bikes etc.
7. Agree date for next meeting Next meeting it was thought that changing the evening of the meetings might increase attendance, a preferred night would be discussed and a date based on when key guests can attend would be published once agreed. Possibly Monday 17th June or Thursday 20th (17th was agreed) 7.30pm Lamb Hotel

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