May 17th 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Brief overview by Jane Thompson from ECDC of the Ely Traffic Improvement Fund
  2. Q&A with Jane Thompson from ECDC about the Ely Traffic Improvement Fund
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of the Last Meeting
  5. Registering new members and collection of membership fees from all
  6. Bank Account
  7. Discuss our approach to the Ely Traffic Improvement Fund
  8. Publicity
  9. Expanding Membership
  10. AOB
Agenda Point Notes Action
1. Brief overview by Jane Thompson from ECDC of the Ely Traffic Improvement Fundand2. Q&A with Jane Thompson from ECDC about the Ely Traffic Improvement Fund As part of the agreement allowing Sainsbury’s to set up a store in Lisle Lane, the company is providing £600,000 for improvements to the local transport infrastructure, and local groups are welcome to make representations. (As an example of what this money could buy, a new set of traffic lights would use up half the amount.) The general idea is that expenditure will be on capital projects (i.e. not education).
The scope: all modes are included (car, cycle, pedestrian, etc), and while the focus is generally on the access and junctions around the supermarket, wider proposals will also be considered.
There is no time limit for action (although Jane will be submitting a report to the funders in June/July 2012, summarising public wishes). Nor are there any pet projects that have parts of the fund ear-marked for them. It is also possible that projects might be able to receive additional funding from other sources (e.g. the S106 fund, the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, Community Infrastructure Levy).
There are stakeholder workshops in May, and Michael and Andy will attend one each, representing the campaign’s proposals, and reporting back to the members. In addition there will be open consultations in the Market Square on 9 and 14 June. MG,AS
Jane issued a summary of public comments to date, which Sean will post on the site (see Appendix below). SM
2.1. Local Traffic Surveys Jane explained that last October, 11 junctions were surveyed in the city, but only cars and larger vehicles were included. There will be a follow up in October of this year (the same 11 junctions), and she will suggest that pedestrians and cyclists be included, providing a baseline for future surveys that should include all modes.
Surveys undertaken at Ely railway station show a very high number of commuter cyclists.
3. Apologies Brian Hendrich, Neil Jones
4. Minutes of the Last Meeting Approved
5. Registering New Members and Collection of Fees from all Michael will set up a system for this. MG
6. Bank Account The 3 Officers will meet and set up the account as agreed as soon as is convenient. They will take the bank’s/building society’s ethical stance into account (The Co-op or Nationwide has been suggested), and do their best to set up an account without fees. AS, MG, SM
7. Discuss our Approach to the Ely Traffic Improvement Fund We agreed on 4 principal points for Michael and Andy to present:

  1. 20mph limit in the city
  2. 1-way system incorporating Back Hill, Fore Hill and Broad Street
  3. Increased cycle parking
  4. Better signage on bike routes
8. Publicity A critical mass event was voted against as being too provocative.
There was support for a Sky Ride in conjunction with the local authority, and for an Annual Ely Bike Day (the first to take place after the Olympics).
It was agreed that we should produce and distribute business cards (Ely station being a prime site) with the campaign’s contact details (and possibly information about our aims). Andy will take this on. AS
Activities at the station might also be combined with a rough survey of cycle traffic in the rush hour.
Other possibilities include posters and T-shirts.
9. Expanding Membership Many of the activities in 8 above should achieve this.
10. Next Meeting (General) Thursday 12/06/12 at 7.30pm The Lamb Hotel (Coach House) tbc
AOB Jane will contact Colin and let him know if there could be cost savings on signage if the campaign took on some of the admin unpaid. Patrick Joyce (Cycling Officer Cambs County Co) might need to be involved in this. We need to know if we can provide purely local signage (e.g. Think Cycle!)
It is noted that Patrick Joyce said there was no money for more national byway signs.
Sustrans have been asked to provide more signs for NCN 11.
Another campaign idea: 1 day-per-week cycle to school (this could build on the popularity of scooters). And a general cycle-to-school initiative. CD


ECDC Website and paper consultation responses 14 Feb – 16 May 2012

Access/ Public Transport
Improved walking routes to rugby club and Lancaster Way
Pedestrian crossing at railway station and improved walking route from Tescos – currently not safe
Pedestrianise the High Street
Install zebra crossing on Forehill (current one is in the wrong place)
Zebra crossing at Forehill car park exit
Shared cycle ways and footpaths a problem
Review of bus shelters to ensure they are wheelchair accessible eg shelter at junction of Witchford Rd and Cambridge Road not accessible due to seat obstruction.
New shuttle bus; stops are needed at Kings Av Estate and Highwood Grange estate.
Bus service between city centre and station
Zebra crossing at Brays Lane
More zebra crossings needed in Ely
Dropped kerbs on Brays Lane – location too dangerous for crossing
Parking enforcement on Market St for better bus access
Better management of taxi facilities – they cause congestion
Increase taxi rank space at Market St
Convert Newnham St to a bus terminal and taxi holding area
Set down bays outside Costa Coffee for Dial a Ride
Better cycle facilities at Station
Grit new bus routes
Cycle provision
Cycle bridge and safe route needed to rugby club
Contra flow cycle lane at Gallery/High Street
Refresh existing cycle markings
Cambridge Road cycle lane inbound – dangerous pinch point
Proper cycle lanes – not narrow shared footpaths or lanes that stop abruptly
No cycling on footpaths
More cycle parking in City Centre and station
No contra flow cycle lanes
Provision in traffic calming for cyclists
More cycle lanes from housing areas into City centre
Narrowing streets for traffic calming put pressure on cyclists sharing the road.
Cyclists should be able to pass outside speed bumps, rather then to have to go over them
Re-do road markings (getting worn)
Cycle markings and signs at St Marys St
Improved cycle route along Lisle Lane
Park and ride at Tesco’s site
Re-model road layout at Angel Drove/Station road junction (a yellow box at the roundabout?)
Re-model access to and from Ely Station and Tesco’s
Double yellows and parking enforcement at Lisle Lane
Double yellows and parking enforcement at Lisle Close
Traffic calming and speed reduction at Lisle Lane/Prickwillow Road
Parking restrictions/no parking on High Street
Parking enforcement/restrictions on Broad Lane and Forehill
On street parking for residents only
Change traffic priorities at Broad St, Forehill and Lisle Lane
Mini roundabout at Waterside/Lisle Lane junction
Mini roundabout at Lisle lane/Broad Street junction
No right turn Broad Street to Back Hill (traffic to proceed to roundabout and return)
Broad Street – one way system
Broad Street – roundabouts at both ends
Southern Link Road needed
Forehill one way system – (uphill)
Forehill traffic give way to Broad Street traffic (change priorities)
Dangerous to turn right from Broad Street to Waterside/Lisle Lane
New traffic priorities at end of Lisle lane are confusing
New Barns Rd from Newnham Street virtually one way due to parked cars
Badly located traffic lights at High Flyer
Move Post office late collection box on Lisle Lane – causes blockages
Improved traffic calming on Barton Road – heavy lorries using it and breaking the speed limit
Remove cobbled/raised traffic calming. They are dangerous and damage cars.
Change parking layout on High St so parking is parallel to kerb
Car share schemes needed
Need a park and ride for Ely
Allow parking both sides of Market St
More 20 mph speed limits
Sainsbury’s lorries using Broad St
Inconsiderate parking by blue badge holders
Make Forehill and Broad St one-way
One-way system around City centre

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