March 21st 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Apologies
  2. Membership
    • Fees from new members and those who still owe
  3. Minutes from last meeting
  4. Finances
  5. Progress during last month
  6. Applying for funding directly
  7. Strategy
  8. Local plan changes
  9. AOB
    • CTC affiliation
  10. Agree date for next meeting
Agenda point Notes Action
1. Apologies Sean
2. Membership 54 members MG
3. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
4. Finances £106 in bank MG
5. Progress during last month Market Stall was a roaring success, we doubled our membership and proportionately to Cambridge CC we have more members based on the population of Ely. We talked to many many people including people from the allotment society who want better cycle access to the allotments to the south east of Ely, on the way to Stuntney. Also Arthur Cutter who lost the use of his legs in an accident and rides a hand cycle wants cycle paths because they provide people with disabilities independance and the opportunity to excercise like the rest of us. People mentioned access to the all the surrounding villages, specifically Soham, Prickwillow, Little Downham and between Sutton and Witchford. CJ AS
6. Applying for funding directly There is a 25K budget for minor improvements with in Ely for cycle provision, this is not a significant amount of money. We thought that lifting the Traffic Restriction Order along the river (apart from along side the Cutter) would be a good use of the money as this is potentially the best and safest route to the station for commuters coming in from the North of Ely and future housing developments to the Station. MG
7.Strategy Strategy has been sent out to all the county, district and city councillors as well as all the professional bodies we could find like British Cycling Embassy, our MP, All Party Cycling Enquiry, Cambridge Cycle Campaign, Ely Society and so on. We have had replies from Jim Paice, our MP and Cambridge CC among others and have been invited by some of the recipients to present our Strategy to them. There is a presentation planned at Cambridge CC on the 2nd of April and Witchford Parish Council on April the 3rd so far. We have been asked to present at the neighbourhood panels. AS, CJ, MG
Strategy adoption – we are looking to get the Strategy adopted by ECDC as a consultation document. We are working on getting County Council officers to approve this. AS, CJ, MG
8. Local Plan Changes Local Plan and Vision documents – we will send our response and suggested changes.
9. AOB We have been invited by CTC to be an affilliate. We all agreed this would be a good idea.
Ely Cycle Forum – next meeting in the Cutter Inn on the 17th April.
Southern Bypass Meeting on the 25th March – opportunity to give our feedback on cycle infrastructure planned from Angel Drove right through to Stuntney. 9am Monday 25th at Ely Railway Station.
10. Agree date for next meeting Next meeting Thursday 25th April 2013

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