March 15th 2012

8pm in the Hereward


This was our first meeting and so we didn’t really have an agenda.


Andy, Michael, John, Alastair, Caroline and Ian.


Andy outlined why he had decided to set up the cycling campaign.

There was some discussion about whether to use the term ‘campaign’ in the name of the organisation and it was agreed that although it had some negative¬†connotations in general it gave the impression that we wanted to get things done. It also aligned us with other similar organisations – for example the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

It was decided that it was important that the organisation was involved in the promotion of cycling (inc. organising rides etc.) as well as campaigning for better facilities.

Membership fees were discussed and it was felt that while the organisation is trying to grow they would not be helpful. Other forms of funding were discussed including sponsorship from local businesses and council grants.

The possible structure of the organisation was discussed and it was decided that it needed further investigation, inc. contacting other similar cycling campaigns and cyclenation.  Andy and Michael agreed to do this.

There was some discussion about the £500K traffic improvement fund and other possible pots of money that may be available from ECDC. Ian agreed to find out more about this.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing a large variety of possible campaign and promotional ideas from the large projects to potholes.

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