June 25th 2014

7.30pm at The Liberty Belle

General get together to go over (amongst other things) what we want to see implemented at the Broad Street / Back Hill junction.


  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. Projects
    1. Broad Street / Back Hill
    2. A10/Cinema development
    3. Lisle Lane
    4. Cobbles
  3. AOB

One thought on “June 25th 2014

  1. Pam

    Just wanted to say that I am pleased that Lisle Lane is being considered as an important cycle link and that you have asked that the cycle path continues the full length and is separate from the road. I hope the council will do something with it. It really is a very dangerous road to cycle at the moment, and will be an important link for the new and existing housing estates. The planned link from the Barratt estate to Henley way seemed to have disappeared over time and now houses have been built there! A missed opportunity to provide a cycle path then. Hopefully the planners will insist that provision is made next time round?

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