June 17th 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb

We’re trying a Monday night for our June meeting as a few people were finding it hard to make it on a Thursday.

We have a few things to discuss this month, including how we want to respond to the reply we got about Back Hill / Broad Street, the Riverside cycling consultation and the cycling Summit.  We should also discuss what we want to discuss with Cllr Martin Curtis, the new leader of the County Council, when he comes to see us next month.


  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. Rides and Events
    1. Starting up the family rides again
    2. Cam Bike Fest – 22nd of June (Milton Country Park)
    3. Cambridgeshire Cycling Summit – 4th of July (Swavesey)
  3. Campaigns
    1. “Cambridgeshire Festival of Cycling”
      1. Ely Market stall June 30th
    2. Bring the Tour Series to Ely
      1. Working with Ely Cycling Club and others
  4. Strategy and Projects
    1. Getting the Strategy adopted by the District Council.
    2. Routes in Ely
      1. Riverside
        1. Consultation
      2. Broad St / Back Hill
        1. Response to Mike Davies
      3. Routes from the North of Ely to the City Centre and Station
    3. Routes between villages and towns
      1. What do we want to discuss with Martin Curtis?
      2. Route to Little Downham
      3. Route to Soham
      4. Route to Sutton
    4. Cycle Parking
      1. Waitrose
      2. Car rack outside Toppings?
    5. Minor Improvements
  5. AOB
  6. Date for next meeting is – July 22nd
Monday June 17th 7.30pm Lamb Hotel
Agenda point Notes Action
1. Admin:
a. Apologies No apologies
b. Membership 55 members MG
c. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
d. Finances £70 in the bank MG
2. Rides and Events A. Family rides – set a date to publicise at the Bike Fest on the 30th June CJ
B. 22nd June at Milton Country Park, not really our catchment so not intending to go as ECC CJ
C. Cambridgeshire Bike Summit – Christine going with husband Toby driving, Andy B and Bill Perry meeting there and getting a lift back. CJ, AB, BP
3. Campaigns A.Cambridge Festival of Cycling: Sign up sheet for members and family rides, 20’s Plenty Petition, Soham to Ely sign up sheet and copies of the Riverside Consultation. MG to orders stickers. CJ to set up group email for preparations. CJ, MG, AS, JJ, AT
B. Bring the Tour to Ely – Michael and John to work with Ely Cycle Club and others to keep us posted. MG, JJ
4. Strategy and Projects A. Getting the Strategy adopted by ECDC. This is moving along nicely and Cambridgeshire Council have approved it. There is a Meeting on the 2nd of July where the strategy will be officially approved by the District Council. Andy P sugested having policies might have more weight, Andy S said we were looking at this, although policies are harder to get approval for but possibly more useful. AP, AS
B. Routes in Ely AS
I. the consultation – There is a consultation set up by ECDC, it is possible to complete the consultation on the website, all members reminded to contribute.
II. Broad St/Back Hill – Andy S reported that the outcome was very unsatisfactory – in essence nothing is likely to change or get approval because it would restrict traffic flow around Ely in the opinion of Mike Davies CC Cycle Officer. He thought that all that could be done would be to wait for the Bypass to be built and see what happens then. It was thought by the ECC Members that this was not relevant as the traffic on this junction does not have any impact on the A142 and vice versa. It was suggested that the lack of solutions had more to do with not talking to experts who might have access to other solutions. Also due to the high number of collisions both between vehicles and especially involving bikes that it was not acceptable to leave the situation here and to reach further afield in finding a solution. One possible expert could be Rachael Aldred. AS
The parking spaces could still be removed and the cycle path allowed to continue were it currently ends by going into parking spaces. AS to repsond offcially to Mike Davies. It will be useful to involve Martin Curtis in the is discussion too.
III. Routes from North Ely to the Centre and the Station. Our recommendations have been submitted to the District Council and we expect to be consulted as and when plans start to turn in to roads and buildings throughout the process. CJ
C. Routes from the villages and towns. AS
I. What do we want to discuss with Martin Curtis? Suggestions were Connecting to the Market Towns and Villages, Projects, our experiences dealing with the Cycling Officers and the possibility of a Strategy for the County as well.
II. Route to Little Downham – Nothing to report AP, AS
III. Route to Soahm – Facebook Group set up to generate some interest hoping we can get someone living in Soham to take this on as a project. CJ
III. Route to Sutton – Nothing to report BP
D. Cycle parking. AS to ask M&S about cycle parking at the Simply Food on the way to Wichford. AS
I.Watrose – nothing new to report – we keep reminding them. AB, AS, JT, BP
II. Car rack for high street? CJ to ask shops that have parking spaces if they are OK with the idea of the rack being there for about a month, then to feed back to the County Council and request the rack come to Ely High Street. CJ
E. Minor Improvements – Nothing back from Patrick AS to chase up. AS
6. AOB
7. Agree date for next meeting Next Meeting date Monday 22nd July, 7.30pm Lamb Hotel.

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