June 12th 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Apologies
  2. New memberships
  3. Minutes from last meeting
  4. Report from Andy and Michael about the ECDC stakeholder sessions
  5. Discussion about ECDC stakeholder sessions
  6. Treasurer’s report
  7. Cycle parking project/ parking at Ely Coutry Park
  8. City Centre Forum
  9. CTC membership and insurance for bike rides
  10. Signage and safety: Working together with ECDC Community Safety Partnership
  11. 20 is plenty project
  12. Discussion about expanding membership and marketing

Minutes of General Meeting: Ely Cycling Campaign (ECC)

Tuesday 12/06/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House)


Agenda Point Notes Action
1. Apologies None
2.  New Members Bill Perry welcomed.
3.  Minutes of the Last Meeting Approved.
4.  Report from Andy and Michael about the ECDC stakeholder sessions Andy and Michael went to one of the meetings each and can report that these were generally positive from our viewpoint. Their feedback can be read here:


5.  Discussion about ECDC stakeholder sessions Something needs to be considered soon is that Greater Anglia are setting up a Cycle Forum and have invited us to nominate a representative; the first meeting has not been announced yet but is expected to be in the summer.It is notable that Ely Traders are anxious about parking spaces being sacrificed on the High Street (which only has about 15 spaces) and Market Street. We need to make the point that city centres can thrive without immediate vehicle access. On the other hand, customers buying bulky items will want their cars nearby, and suppliers will lose out if these customers go elsewhere.  






6.  Treasurer’s report The bank account is currently in credit by about £70.50. Michael is setting up a PayPal system for subscriptions. MG


7.  Cycle parking project/ parking at Ely Country Park Andy’s research has unearthed several sources of funding. Ely City Council has £2,000 S106 money for cycle parking. The County Council has 20 Sheffield stands which it will deliver for free, but which we or the District Council will have to install. There is also the Park That Bike scheme, allowing 2 units per business or organisation. Christine has contacted the Princess of Wales Hospital and Spring Meadow School, informing them of this opportunity. It is also worth noting that Parsons charity owns a lot of the land in Ely.It is quite possible that even more money will become available.

Colin will research the location of existing cycle parking in Ely and Post a map on the website with those stands marked. We can then propose new sites for bike stands. We will need to find out which areas (e.g. cloisters) are privately owned.

ECDC Community and Leisure Services have been in touch (through Alison Conder) regarding cycle parking in Ely Country Park. Christine will meet Alison. She will also liaise with Pam beforehand with particular regard to the idea, which we generally support, of not allowing cycles on “Lovers’ Lane”. John will see if he can find out about colourful designs for bike racks that will appeal to children. Sean will approach Arts Development in East Cambridgeshire (ADeC) about getting involved or publicising any such scheme.

Christine and Alison will also discuss the possibility of having a signposted cycle route from the Market Square through the Vineyards down to Lyle Lane.















8.  City Centre Forum The campaign has been invited to the City Council’s City Centre Forum, which will take place on 4 July at 6:30 PM. Christine will attend.  


9.  CTC membership and insurance for bike rides Michael will look into the various organisations offering insurance and register with the most suitable one. This is to give us cover for any activities we organise that will involve members of the public. Colin will find out what Outspoken offer and inform Michael. CTC membership is about £50 pa plus £20 registration. There are also organisations such as Cycle Nation. These have their own insurance schemes, which might be suitable, but we should also consider what else they have to offer a campaign such as ours.





10. Signage and safety: Working together with ECDC Community Safety Partnership Nick Ball of ECDC Community Safety has been in touch to say that he might be able to access money for signage for the Back Hill/Broad Street junction. He is in favour of a campaign to make motorists aware of the need to consider cyclists. He can also help with leafleting the station car park and providing posters. Sean and Colin will meet him before the next meeting to discuss possibilities and practicalities. We will invite him to the next meeting.  




11. 20 is plenty project The shapeyourplace poll on the 20 mph speed limit shows 67% in favour. Andy and Michael will draft something that could be submitted to local newspapers. Comments on shapeyourplace are seen by local council members and considered by them. The local press also draws on this forum for reports. Everyone in the campaign should consider adding to existing comments or creating their own topics relating to cycling in Ely. AS & MG




12. Discussion about expanding membership and marketing Sean will update on T-shirts.

The officers will design and organise business-style publicity cards.

We should try to get something organised for the Mildenhall Rally that takes place in August.



13. Date and place of next meeting Tuesday 17/07/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House) tbc
14. AOB We need more officers to take on projects and specific responsibilities. Everyone



2 thoughts on “June 12th 2012

  1. Colin Dooley

    I recall Sean mentioning that he had a contact for t-shirts. Summer’s here and that’s t-shirt weather, isn’t it? I say we should come out of the closet!

  2. mg

    Thanks Colin, I added marketing to the agenda. We really need to get going now and get some stuff done (volunteers needed)!

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