July 22nd 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb

We have the leader of the County Council, Councillor Martin Curtis coming to the first part of our meeting this month. We’ll be discussing taking a strategic approach and his idea for cycle routes between market towns.

The second half will be our usual meeting where we’ll get feedback about the Festival of Cycling and the currently active projects.


Part one – discussion with Cllr Martin Curtis

  1. Taking a Strategic view
  2. Cycle routes between market towns
  3. Other issues

Part two – usual meeting.

  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. Rides and Events
    1. Starting up the family rides again
    2. Report back about Cambridgeshire Cycling Summit – 4th of July (Swavesey)
    3. Soham Pumpkin Fair – 28th of September – http://www.sohampumpkinfair.co.uk/
  3. Campaigns
    1. Bring the Tour Series to Ely
      1. Working with Ely Cycling Club and others
  4. Strategy and Projects
    1. Getting the Strategy adopted by the District Council.
    2. Routes in Ely
      1. Riverside
        1. Consultation
      2. Broad St / Back Hill
        1. ECDC Consultaion
      3. Routes from the North of Ely to the City Centre and Station
    3. Routes between villages and towns
      1. Route to Little Downham
      2. Route to Soham
      3. Route to Sutton
    4. Cycle Parking
      1. Waitrose
      2. Car rack on High Street
    5. Minor Improvements
  5. AOB
  6. Date for next meeting
Agenda point Notes Action
1. Admin:
a. Apologies MG
b. Membership 55 members MG
c. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
d. Finances £70 in the bank MG
2. Rides and Events A. Family rides – set a date for August CJ
B. Cambridgeshire Cycle Summit – still waiting for an update from Mike Davies etc AS
C. Soham Pumpkin Fare, September 28th – We will take a table and Gazebo, ride out there.  CJ to contact Pumpkin Fare orginisers. CJ, AB, AS
3. Campaigns A. Bringing the tour series to Ely – We have asked Patrick at CCC to organise another Ely Cycle Forum to discuss the subject. SG suggested an event with a grass track on the Paradise Field. Michael and John to work with Ely Cycle Club and others to keep us posted. CJ, MG, AS, JJ, AT
4. Strategy and Projects A. Strategy adoption: No updates – AS to chase CC and ECDC AP, AS
B. Routes in Ely AS
i.Riverside – there is a consultation in progress.
ii. Broadstreet/Backhill – ECDC will emply consultants, ECC asking to act as consultants as well. AS
iii. Routes from North Ely to the Centre and the station – no updates CJ
C.Routes between the villages and the towns – no updates
D. Cycle parking AS
i.Waitrose – no updates
ii.Car rack – no clear way, CJ suggested to the Cathedral they may have a spot on Cathedral land with no traffic orders. CJ
E. Minor Improvements – Nothing back from Patrick AS to chase up. AS
6. AOB Cycle to work day – SG to start a google group mail
7. Agree date for next meeting Next Meeting date Monday 19th August, 7.30pm Lamb Hotel.

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