July 17th 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes and action points from last meeting
  3. Welcome new members
  4. Finances
  5. Projects update
    1. City Centre Parking – Discuss positions for additional parking to report back to ECDC
    2. Signs
    3. 20s Plenty
    4. Back Hill
  6. Other Activity
    1. Pocket Park
    2. Ely City Centre Forum
    3. Ely Cycle Forum
    4. Witchford PC
  7. Suggestions for new projects
  8. Increasing membership and publicity
    1. Station Poster
    2. T-Shirts
    3. Business Cards
    4. Getting in the local press
    5. Market Stall
    6. Alternate meetings / drop-ins for those unable to attend meetings
  9. Organised Rides
    1. CTC
    2. SkyRide
  10. Date of next meeting
  11. AOB

Minutes of General Meeting: Ely Cycling Campaign (ECC)

Tuesday 17/07/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House)


Agenda Point Notes Action
1. Apologies None
2.  Minutes and  Action Points of the Last Meeting Minutes Approved. Action Points confirmed and Andy will put an action register on the site. AS
3.  New Members Dave Stevenson welcomed.
4.  Finances The account is £25 in credit. About £15-20 was spent on cards. £70 on insurance.
5.  Projects Update
A. Parking There has been no response to Andy’s emails informing 3 people at the Council that we had created a map of existing parking.Jane Thompson is in favour of increased cycle parking and at the Ely Cycle Forum suggested we create a map of proposed parking sites.Ely City has £2,000 for cycle parking (= 8 stands); ECDC will match this. Cambs County Council will respond to suggestions.Our suggestions are:

  • 4 stands in area in front of Iceland (might need to talk to Waitrose)
  • up to 4 stands under Waitrose roof for trolleys (see item 6B)
  • 2-4 former taxi rank in front of Cheffins office
  • 2-4 Paradise Centre dead end
  • 2-4 stands Market Place outside Fat Face (where phone box used to be)
  • 2 stands outside P Bros chippie (adding to the existing one)
  • 2 stands Market Square opposite war memorial
  • up to 5 stands outside the P Office (possibly taking out a parking space?)
  • 2-4 stands in front of Lloyds chemist (next to the 2 current stands)

We will need to contact ECDC in order to find out who we need to get permission from to use the Cloisters area. (See item 6B below)

B. Signs The campaign agreed on the content and design for the signs at the Broad Street / Back Hill junction (see here: http://elycycle.org.uk/projects/improved-cycling-specific-signage/broad-street-back-hill-signs/), and Sean is to put this to Nick, and ask him about the suitability of the background colour and its reflective properties. Sean will also arrange a meeting with Nick and Colin, preferably before the next meeting. SM
C. 20s Plenty The poll on SYP shows 80% of respondents are in favour of the 20mph limit. Michael has joined us up to the national campaign and will send members a link for joining it.Jane has responded to Andy’s query on this and will talk to Kevin Hall (the County Engineer) on 23rd June to see if 20mph is possible in Ely without speed bumps. A working group consisting of Ely Traffic Management, ECDC and the City Council will discuss this on 15thAugust.  We should email these authorities stating our support for 20mph.Jane has said that Aldi will provide about £188,000 towards infrastructure, and perhaps we should see if some of this money could go towards this project.We should consider getting a paper petition together for this campaign. MG
  D. Back Hill Route There is no update on this.
 6. Other Activities
A. Pocket Park Christine and Pam spoke to Alison Conder (ECDC Community and Leisure Services), who confirmed that cycling is allowed in Pocket Park and there are half a dozen Sheffield stands available to be placed near the playground. Christine had taken photos of bikes lying around in order to support the request. There is no funding for any special designs.We have suggested signage at Fisherman’s car park indicating that cyclists should give way to pedestrians. We will also continue to suggest that Lovers’ lane should be pedestrian only.Alison reported that the Council would not accept the idea of a cycle track linking the park to Lisle Lane.
B. Ely City Centre              Forum Christine attended this (4thJuly). Her report is here:http://elycycle.org.uk/2012/07/09/ely-city-forum-meeting-july-4th/ Christine is now on the Town Team and will chase up the contacts from this meeting. CJ
C. Ely Cycle Forum This took place on 10thJuly, with many campaign members attending. There is a report here:http://elycycle.org.uk/2012/07/13/ely-cycle-forum-10th-july-at-the-cutter-inn/ The campaign discussed the matter of the possible changes to the level crossing near the station, and voted against supporting Sustrans’ proposal to get the underpass closed (mainly because it would make congestion on Cambridge Road worse).
D. Witchford PC Andy will talk to the Parish Council about the possibility of piloting a 20mph limit in the village. AS
7.  Suggestions for new projects
  1. Shared route to Little Downham: John will measure the footpath’s width to compare with approved routes. Sean will email the community website to sound out any interest.
  2. Continuity of Witchford to Witcham Toll path route: Bill Perry will investigate.
  3. Cobbles on roads (e.g. Gallery, Barton Square): Andrea Haslock (Road Safety Engineering Team for CCC) and Jane Thompson have stated that they are prepared to take this forward. John will follow up.
  4. Dangerous Junctions: Andy will look at Norfolk Road / Witchford Road and Cambridge Road / St Mary’s St / West End. Christine will look at West Fen Road/ Downham Road / St Mary’s St
  5. Contraflow on Gallery: Andy will create project page content and SYP post.
  6. County Council LSTF money: Andrew P will look investigate whether any is available for hard measures.
  7. Family-friendly rides: Michael and Christine will organise these on an ad hoc basis.
  8. Ely Waitrose supplying cycle trailers: Andrew P will talk to the Trumpington branch about the procedure and for advice about getting this.
JJ & SM 









8.  Increasing membership and publicity
A. Station Poster Geraint can arrange these pretty much as we wish. Nick Ball can also help with this.
B. T-Shirts Sean will arrange an order once we have 25 requests on the forum. SM
C. Business cards Andy will check with Greater Anglia that we can distribute them at the station. AS
D. Getting in the local press We must remember to supply pictures whenever possible. We should consider twitter responses (and look into any cost).
E. Market Stall Christine will find out who we need to contact to get this. There is an agreement that we need a spacious pitch.Suggestions include getting other organisations involved, getting Quella interested, using pedal power to animate gimmicks or film. CJ
F. Alternate meetings /  drop-ins for those  unable to attend  meetings Sunday mornings might be a good time. Alistair will start a topic on the website. AH
9. Organised Rides  These (CTC and  SkyRide in the first instance) will be organised through the various meetings and other rides.
10. Date and place of next meeting Thursday 23/08/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House)
AOB We must keep tabs on proposals for Market Street (via Jane) so we can ensure that bike lanes are considered.


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