January 24th 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb



  1. Apologies
  2. Membership
    • Fees from new members and those who still owe
  3. Minutes from last meeting
  4. Finances
  5. Progress during last month
  6. Strategy
  7. AOB
  8. Agree date for next meeting
Thursday 23rd January 2013 7.30pm Lamb Hotel
Agenda point Notes Action
1. Apologies Sean, Andrew P, Jane Lucas
2. Membership No Fees to be paid and nothing owed
3. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
4. Finances £150 in the bank
Public Liability insurance still needs to be applied for. CJ
5. Progress during last month Vision Document changes suggested – Andy requested feedback from Katie Childs and she has responded. Mainly positive and in agreement. Andy said he’d go through each of our points and paste her response next to each one. AS
Neighbourhood Panel meeting was cancelled due to the snow. The next meeting scheduled for March.
Market Stall in March is booked, public liability insurance still needs to be applied for. CJ
The Members need to agree what sort of publicity we create for the market stall – how we present the Strategy to the public plus 20’s Plenty petition. An additional brainstorming meeting to agree what goes into the market stall might be needed in February.
6. Strategy Review the map of the Network – members at the meeting went through the map of Ely and surrounding villages and agreed which roads and routes would become part of the network. The map is being posted on the website along with the strategy. The intention being that all members read the the strategy and input feedback. Once the strategy has been finalised it can be presented to City, District and County Councils plus other relevant organisations in order to begin a dialogue to improve existing and create new cycle infrastructure for Ely and the district. Andy T said he would write some text covering why cycling is a good thing to encourage to be added to the strategy.
8. AOB
9. Agree date for next meeting Next meeting Thursday 21st February 2013

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