February 21st 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Apologies
  2. Membership
    • Fees from new members and those who still owe
  3. Minutes from last meeting
  4. Finances
  5. Progress during last month
    • Local Plan
    • Back Hill signs
    • Market Stall
    • Reach Fair ride
    • Ouse washes routes and facilities
  6. Strategy
  7. AOB
    • CamCycle meeting with CEoGB – March 5th
    • CamCycle and CEoGB¬†Infrastructure Safari – March 23rd
    • CamCycle Holland trip – May 25th – 28th
  8. Agree date for next meeting
Thursday 21st February 2013 7.30pm Lamb Hotel
Agenda point Notes Action
1. Apologies Sean, Michael
2. Membership No Fees to be paid and nothing owed
3. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
4. Finances ¬£150 in the bank – Money being spent on posters for the market stall, 20’s Plenty Stickers and Public Liability Insurance MG, CJ
5. Progress during last month Local Plan – The public consultation is underway, we have provided our feedback and are waiting to hear from Katie Childs. We will be hopefully hearing shortly when we can meet with her again. AS
Back Hill Signs – Sean is working with Nick Balls to have them reinstated at the correct height. SM
Reach Fair Ride – Mike Davis and ECC to organise the ride which will be on May Day.
Market Stall 9th March on Ely Market- a timetable was agreed who would be available and when throughout the day to man the stall. T-shirts, petitions, posters, contact lists, membership sign up sheets were all listed to be brought on the day. Date arranged a couple of days before the Saturday in order to make sure preparations were in hand. CJ, MG, AS
Ouse Washes routes and facilities – Mark Knokkert gave a presentation on the project and the part he’s playing. It’s a 4 year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Following on from the existing network, they are looking at accessibilty from Ely to this area, in particular cycle routes as part of providing public access. There is a bridal way on 100ft Drail from Mepal that could be adapted for cycle use and links to Coveney and Wardy Hill. This would also feed into the need to connect the gap currently on the A142 by Witcham Toll where there is no pavement/cycle path giving more justification for getting this done. There are plans for a car park and covered cycle parking by Coveney. The Cycle Campaign have aggreed to become an official partner. MK
6. Strategy The Strategy has been reviewed by the members and was voted going forward as what the Campaign wants to present to the various local and national bodies, from the councils, local MP, Cycle Embassy for GB, Cam Cycle etc. AS, CJ, MG
8. AOB
9. Agree date for next meeting Next meeting Thursday 21st March 2013


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