December 18th 2012

7.30pm at The Castle Hotel

This is a shorter meeting concentrating on refining the proposed cycle network.

Then we’re planning to decant to the bar for festive drinks and a chat.


  1. Apologies
  2. Membership
    • Fees from new members and those who still owe
  3. Minutes from last meeting
  4. Finances
  5. Progress during last month
  6. Strategy
    • Review the map of the network
  7. AOB
  8. Agree date for next meeting
  9. Drinks in the bar


Agenda point Notes Action
1. Apologies John, Christine, Andrew T
5. Progress We’ve had a reply from the council regarding our proposed amendments to the local plan and ely vision documents, which was broadly positive. They gave point-by-point feedback which Andy will amalgamate with the table of changes we sent and circulate. AS 
Sean has heard back about the signs on Back Hill, they are going up in the next few weeks. Sean is going to liaise with ECDC to set up a photo op and story in the paper in the New Year SM
We’ve been contacted by Simon from BikeMapper. He is very supportive of our plans to define a network and use that as part of our strategy going forward.
6.Strategy We had a long discussion about the network. Rohan from Sustrans came along and gave some good pointers about how they view things.We made some progress marking out several important routes and highlighting some crucial points on the network where changes would make a big difference.

We now need to refine the map and present a more complete version at the next meeting.

8. Next Meeting The next meeting is on January 24th at 7.30pmAndy will arrange a venue, prob. The Lamb AS

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