August 23rd 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from last meeting
  3. Welcome new members
  4. Finances
  5. Update on projects and
  6. Go through action register (
  7. Process for looking through planning applications
  8. Distribution of cards
  9. Brief heads up about AGM in September
  10. AOB
  11. Agree date for next meeting

Minutes of General Meeting: Ely Cycling Campaign (ECC)

Thursday 23/08/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House)


Agenda Point Notes Action
1. Apologies None
2. Minutes of the Last Meeting Minutes Approved.
3. New Members We welcomed:Mick Bland, Mike Ward, Karen Burns, Alan Raine-Diplock and Chris Briggs. It was agreed that since we are in the last month of our current financial year we would waive this month’s subscription and ask the new members for an annual subscription next month.
4. Finances The account is about £25 in credit. Michael will put a PayPal button on the website. MG
5. Projects Update
A. 20s Plenty There are now more than 1,000 signatures on the on-line petition and we should do a presentation to the Council to see if the project can be funded. Michael will organise a paper petition in September and inform members of this. Andy S will talk to Witchford Parish Council about the possibility of piloting a 20mph limit in the village. MG


B. Parking ECDC have looked at the issue and met with Ely City Council and the relevant County Council officer.Jane Thompson (ECDC) has been in touch with Andy S and divided the proposed sites into 2 groups: Best and Possible.There will be more information on this in due course.
C. Back Hill Route ECDC have this on their list, but the feeling is that it is unlikely there will be any action on it in the near future.
D. Signage Colin and Sean met Nick Ball to survey possible sites for the signs. The two best ones (approach from Broad Street to Back Hill and up Back Hill before the Broad Street junction) can be seen on the project page: is also the possibility of a sign for the downhill approach from Back Hill to the Broad Street junction. This could be:

  • the same as the others
  • a sign making cyclists aware of the danger of the junction they are approaching; or
  • a neutral sign, aimed at all traffic, warning that they are approaching a hazardous junction

Sean will set up a topic for alternative signage in order to discuss this.

Nick confirmed that the signs could be yellow and reflective. It might be possible to have up to about 10 signs so we should consider other dangerous junctions where we might want to use them. Nick needed to get approval from a few offices in the various authorities and liaise with Balfour Beatty (infrastructure engineers) but considered this a formality and hoped to get the signs up within 3 weeks.

The signs (not actually classified as road signs) will stay up for about 18 months and then need to be re-approved.

Nick will update Colin and Sean. He declared himself willing to help with press and publicity both for the erection of the signs and our activities at the rail station.








E. Little Downham        Shared Path This will be raised at the next Parish Council meeting in September. Andy Banks will attend. Sean will also contact them via the village’s community website and inform them of our campaign.Andy S did contact them about this and details can be seen on the project page: One concern was that such a route would have an impact on the school bus service to the village. AB


F. New Cinema and Underpass The proposed new cinema should bring S106 money, which could be relevant to point 5E above. Andy S and Christine will draft an email to be sent to councillors and developers, pressing for a shared-use underpass. AS & CJ
G. Dodgy Junctions Andy S has emailed Andrea Haslop (Cambs County Council) about the junctions in Witchford, at Cambridge Road/West End Road and Downham Road/West Fen Road.We will continue to list other dangerous junctions (e.g. the right turn into Egremont Street from Lynn Road – where the traffic lights need a filter).
H. Cobbles John has received an email reply from Andrea: ( Andy S will contact Jane Thompson requesting more details.  


I. Soham to Ely Route There is no unbroken cycle route between Soham and Ely, and cyclists have to go on long stretches of road with fast-moving lorries and cars. Alan Raine-Diplock will mark a possible route on a Google map. John has talked to Sustrans about signage on the Barway route.  


6. Action Register Andy S has posted this on the website and will keep it updated: AS
7. ECDC weekly    bulletin Sean will look at this list of planning applications to see if any of them are relevant to the campaign.  SM
8. Cards Andy S and Andy B will liaise to distribute these at the station. Other members are welcome to participate. AS & AB
9. AGM in September A reminder that members can vote to elect new officers or re-elect existing ones, according to the constitution: ( is standing down as Secretary.
10. AOB Money collected for these was handed to Sean, who will pay the printer and take delivery of the shirts. Outstanding amounts will be settled at the next meeting.Andy P got an answer from Helen Marshall (County Council) regarding LSTF (Local Sustainable Transfer Fund) money. £5m is available, principally for the A10-A14 corridor.

Sean stressed the importance of keeping on with posts to Shape Your Place, despite the poor reward at present. Apart from anything else, if we do not we could face the argument that we were given a voice and did not use it.

Andy P is soon to embark on his 1,000-mile bike journey across France in aid of the charity Rowan. You can sponsor him here:

11. Date and place of next meeting  (AGM) Thursday 20/09/12 at 7.30pm: The Lamb Hotel (The Coach House)



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