August 19th 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb

We have a few updates on projects this month including the cycle parking. We also need to plan for a few events coming up including Pumpkin Fair and National cycle to work day. We’re coming up to the AGM in September too so it’s a good point to discuss how we’re doing and whether we should change our approach.


  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. General discussion about how we’re doing and whenther we need to change our approach.
  3. Rides and Events
    1. Starting up the family rides again
    2. Soham Pumpkin Fair – 28th of September –
    3. Cycle To Work Day – 12th of September
  4. Campaigns
    1. Bring the Tour Series to Ely
      1. Working with Ely Cycling Club and others
  5. Strategy and Projects
    1. Getting the Strategy adopted by the District Council.
    2. Routes in Ely
      1. Riverside
        1. Consultation
      2. Broad St / Back Hill
        1. ECDC Consultaion
      3. Routes from the North of Ely to the City Centre and Station
    3. Routes between villages and towns
      1. Route to Little Downham
      2. Route to Soham
      3. Route to Sutton
    4. Cycle Parking
      1. Waitrose
      2. Car rack on High Street
    5. Minor Improvements
  6. AOB
  7. Date for next meeting
Agenda point Notes Action
1. Admin:
a. Apologies Michael and Bill
b. Membership 55 members MG
c. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
d. Finances £132 in the bank MG
2. Rides and Events A. Family rides, take up has been slow, hard to organise and find time. Possibly wait until next spring to begin a regualar ride again. CJ
B. Soham Pumpkin Fare, September 28th we have a stall – We will take a table and Gazebo, ride out there.  CJ to contact Pumpkin Fare orginisers for more details for the day. CJ, AB, AS
C.Cycle to work day – 12th September – SG to talk to local businesses with lots of employees that are participating and to generate publicity through the local papers and City Cycles. SG
3. Campaigns A. Bringing the tour series to Ely – We have asked Patrick at CCC to organise another Ely Cycle Forum to discuss the subject. SG suggested an event with a grass track on the Paradise Field. Michael and John to work with Ely Cycle Club and others to keep us posted. Ongoing CJ, MG, AS, JJ, AT
4. Strategy and Projects A. Strategy adoption: No updates AP, AS
B. Routes in Ely AS
i.Riverside – the consultation is closed, it seems it’s 50/50 for lifting the ban, there is a meeting in September to discuss how to proceed. AS
ii. Broadstreet/Backhill – the tenders are out, AS to ask for contact with the consultants. AS
iii. Routes from North Ely to the Centre and the station – no updates CJ
C.Routes between the villages and the towns – no updates
D. Cycle parking AS
i.Waitrose – Bill and Andy S met with Sally Bonnet – there were numerous suggestions, the best being where the empty trolly park is next to the disabled parking. AS to email waitrose manager.
ii.Car rack – no clear way, CJ suggested to the Cathedral they may have a spot on Cathedral land with no traffic orders. CJ
E. Minor Improvements – Nothing back from Patrick AS to chase up and contact Mike Rouse. AS
6. AOB Next meeting is the AGM – looking to: 1) Discuss focus for the year 2) Generate more active members 3) Increase our visibility via Internet, Major employers in Ely and within the annual event calendar (have stalls at the events like apple fest) 4) discuss strategy for campaign. 5) Structure of the organisation
7. Agree date for next meeting Next Meeting date Monday Monday 16th September, 7.30pm Lamb Hotel.

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