April 25th 2013

7.30pm at The Lamb

For the first part of the meeting we have some of the candidates in the County Council Election coming in to hear about the campaign and talk to the members.

That’ll be followed by the normal meeting. We have a few rides and events to discuss this month (including the Ride to Reach Fair) as well as some feedback the County Cycling officers want from us (including where to spend some of the LSTF funding)


Part one – meet the candidates

  1. Overview of our strategy and projects to the candidates in the County Council election.
  2. Break to allow the members to chat with the candidates.

Part two – usual meeting.

  1. Admin
    1. Apologies, Membership, Minutes from last meeting, Finances
  2. Rides and Events
    1. Ride to Reach Fair which we’re leading this year
    2. Starting up the family rides again
  3. Campaigns
    1. “Cambridgeshire Festival of Cycling”
      1. Soham May 19th
      2. Ely Market stall June 30th
  4. Strategy and Projects
    1. Bypass – Station Access and Route to Stuntney
      1. Report back from Andy, Michael and John about their meeting with the Bypass project manager and how the station approach might change.
    2. River Access.
      1. Report back from Michael about progress on opening up the river for cycling.
    3. Getting the Strategy adopted by the District Council.
      1. Report back from Andy about how the adoption process is going
    4. Cycle Parking
      1. Update on City Centre
      2. Park That Bike
    5. Route to Little Downham
      1. Public meeting to discuss safety on B1411 – Little Downham Village Hall May 3 at 7pm – anyone want to go
  5. Feedback for the Council Officers
    1. LSTF Funding Priorities
      1. Where should the LSTF funding be spent
        1. To Little Downham
        2. To Stuntney
        3. To Little Thetford
        4. To Streatham
        5. Somewhere else
    2. Broad St / Back Hill
      1. Site meeting in May – who wants to go
    3. Minor Improvements
      1. Tour of possible ones to be dealt with – who wants to be involved
    4. Routes from the North of Ely to the City Centre and Station
      1. Discuss routes with ECDC officer(s) – who wants to be involved
  6. AOB
    1. CEoGB AGM in Newcastle June 1st & 2nd
    2. “We want to cycle” flyer / survey
    3. Google group
  7. Agree date for next meeting
Thursday 25th April 2013 7.30pm Lamb Hotel
Agenda point Notes
Part one – meet the candidates
1. Overview of our strategy and projects to the candidates in the County Council election.
2. Break to allow the members to chat with the candidates.
Part two – usual meeting
1. Admin:
a. Apologies Anna Bailey, Sean, Tanja
b. Membership 54 members
c. Minutes from last meeting Minutes approved
d. Finances £30
2. Rides and Events A.Ride to Reach fair on the 6th of May is being organised by the Cycle Campaign John and Christine going, John leading it.
B.Family rides will resume when the weather picks up. Christine to do a Facebook group and publicise rides in the area for families.
3. Campaigns A. Cambridge Festival of Cycling
i.May 19th in Soham, John, Christine and Andy to ride out and hand out cards and talk to people about Ely Cycle Campain.
ii.June 30th Ely Market Place – we will have a market stall similar to the stall earlier in March.
4. Strategy and Projects A.Ely Southern Bypass
i. Station Access and Route to Stuntney – Meeting with Alister Frost, Bypass Project Manager and Patrick Joyce CCC Cycling Officer. Suggestions and recommendations put forward by AS on behalf of the Campaign. Which side the path will be may have structural limitations on the bridge over the river. From a Cyclists point of view, the least amount of crossing back and forth is best, but there is currently only a path on one side, which is the ‘wrong side’ (North) if we are to keep the route right through towards Stuntney all on the South side, this might go over budget to move it. Stuntney Parish Council and the Allotment Group are involved in the design of the route to Stuntney so that there is safe access from Ely to the Allotments.
B. River Access
i. We have aggreed to get this on the list of minor improvements, it’s the legal cost of removing the signs. Suggestions regarding time limits seem to pull up more problems than it solves at this stage. The ban would say in place in front of the Cutter where the path is at it’s narrowest and the ban would be lifted the resf of the way.
C. Strategy Adoption
i. Andy has contacted Cabinet Member Ian Bates and is awaiting a response.
D. Cycle Parking
i. We have enquired to the District Council, if it’s waiting on the outcome of the S106 money from Sainsburys this won’t be much further ahead until the shortlist has compiled all the costs and prioritised all the proposed ways in which the money could be spent.
ii.Park that Bike, a number of businesses and organisations have been made aware of the scheme by members. 
E. Route to Little Downham
i.Public meeting to discuss safety on B1411 – Little Downham Village Hall May 3 at 7pm – anyone want to go – Andy B said he would try to go.
5. Feedback for the Council Officers A. Local Sustainable Transport Funding £250K
In order of priority as aggreed by the members present:
1. Improve and widen shared use path to Little Thetford
2. Little Downham shared use path
3. Queen Adelaide to Ely shared use path
4. Thistle Corner to Lisle Lane (down to Sainsburys) dedicated path that separates cyclists from the roundabout at the top of Lisle Lane.
B. Broad St/Back Hill Junction
i.Meeting at the junction May 17th 10am with Council Officers. Andy B, Andy S, JT and Bill Perry have agreed to attend.
C. Minor Improvements list – we have a list of 25. It would be useful to come up with a top 10. Project Page and discussion to be set up by Andy S
6. AOB A.Members informed of the AGM for the Cycling Embassy for Great Britain to be held in Newcastle on June the 1st and 2nd.
B.The creation of a survey, “we want to cycle” flyer in discussion. Nothing yet agreed.
C.Google Group, the members in attendance aggreed that it would be a useful tool to aid discussions and forward projects inbetween meetings.
7. Agree date for next meeting Next meeting Thursday 23rd April 2013, 7.30pm Lamb Hotel.

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