April 19th 2012

7.30pm at The Lamb


  1. Discuss and agree a Constitution.
  2. Register members.
  3. Elect a committee based on agreed Constitution.
  4. Discuss the proposed Aims and Objectives
  5. Discuss process for submitting proposals to the campaign and how those proposals are handled, discussed, honed and finally agreed before being sent to the relevant bodies (ECDC, Cambs Council etc)
  6. Discuss response to the Ely Traffic Management Fund

Forum discussion here – http://elycycle.org.uk/forum/meetings/april-2012-meet-up/


Present: Andy Shaw, John Jermy, Alastair Haines, Sean McSweeney, Michael Gruenberger, Brian Hendrich, Colin Dooley, Andy Banks, Neil Jones


Agenda Point Notes Action
1. Constitution Revisions to Neil’s draft were agreed. Neil to revise and circulate. The final version to be agreed at the next meeting. NJ
1.1 Membership Levels and types of membership, and fees and rights agreed:

  1. Individual (18+ years): £6 annual (plus discretionary donation if the individual wishes). Benefits, voting rights, eligible for election.
  2. Individual (16-17 years and concessions): £3 annual. Benefits and voting rights, eligible for election.
  3. Junior individual (12-15 years): no fee. Benefits, but no voting rights, ineligible for election.
  4. Household/family: £9 annual. Benefits to all members, regardless of age. Those aged 16+ to have voting rights and be eligible for election.
  5. Affiliates: to be agreed on a case-by-case basis by the Committee according to the Constitution. (Members will examine the usefulness of us joining other campaigns and inviting others to join us.)

Membership runs from AGM to AGM. Those joining part way through the year will pay a pro rata membership fee.

In addition, it is agreed that juniors will be encouraged to attend meetings and also form their own sub-group to feed views and ideas into the campaign.

2. Committee The following were elected as Officers of the Committee:Chair – Andy ShawSecretary – Sean McSweeneyTreasurer – Michael Gruenberger

The size of the Committee can be increased as agreed in the Constitution. Officers can also agree that other members can take on duties (e.g. Press Officer) without necessarily being part of the Committee. Committee meetings will take place quarterly (with a provision for extra-ordinary meetings). General meetings will take place as agreed by the members.

2.1 Bank Account Michael will open a bank account as soon as is convenient (possibly a community rather than a business account if it means reduced fees). If possible the account will be with a bank that has a declared ethical policy. MG
2.2 Minutes Sean is responsible for taking the minutes of Committee meetings and distributing them to Committee members prior to the next Committee meeting, where they will be approved or amended and approved and then circulated to the membership. In his absence another Officer will take and distribute the minutes. Sean or another volunteer will minute general meetings and follow the above procedure. SM
3. Aims and Objectives The draft version was broadly agreed, but members agree that the campaign must find a balance between education/campaigning and actual structural changes to road management, signage, etc. Colin will investigate and report back on the feasibility of getting the Council to put up signs with the message “Share It” and/or “Think Cycle”. Andy Shaw will send Alastair the ECC logo for publicity purposes.It was agreed that getting young people to consider cycling as a normal mode of transport is paramount. CD AS AH
4. Ely Traffic Management Fund Andy Shaw will contact the Council to find out:

  1. What we might reasonably expect to get funding for (including educational projects);
  2. Whether we will get a chance to revise any application, and also if we can send more than one representative (i.e. in different slots on the consultation day);
  3. If any money has already been allocated elsewhere.
5.AOB Reach Fair on 07/05/12. Cycle Ride to the fair from Ely station, organised by Patrick Joyce. Updates to appear on the website as and when. Do we contact the press?
6. Next Meeting (General) Thursday 17/05/12 at 7.30pm The Lamb Hotel (Coach House)

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