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4 thoughts on “Join

  1. cycling arriviste

    My husband was recently out cycling with our 5 year old son along St Mary’s Street when he was flagged down by a driver and told that our son was too small to cycle on the road. I cycle with him 3 days a week to school which is 1.5 miles away, and am often aware that it would only take one flaky, absent-minded or frustrated move from a car driver, or a cycling splurge or swerve from my son, for him to be involved in an accident. Can anyone clarify whether there are ‘rules’ about the age children need to be before they cycle on the road? There need to be more cycle lanes in Ely, especially near schools. If north Ely is going to be developed how will the town cope with all the extra traffic? Other mothers say they’re just too scared to take their children on the road so they drive to school instead. Cycling isn’t just for leisure – its to get to and from places without using a car!

  2. mg

    Thanks for signing up!

    I’m not a lawyer but I’ve never heard of a minimum age for being allowed on the road. I’d say it’s probably the opposite, i.e. technically speaking even children aren’t allowed to cycle on the pavement, but they are too young to be prosecuted so should be fine on the pavement. This page explains it quite well I think (and has a few links which might help find the answer):
    I wouldn’t worry too much about one car drivers opinion, most even think that cyclists shouldn’t be on the road because they don’t pay road tax after all :-)

    It’s one of the difficult decisions for parents, isn’t it?! I’m training my very wobbly 4 yo on a quiet cul-de-sac at the moment and let him go on the pavement on the busier roads until he gets a bit more stable. But it is very stressful in places and I can also understand if other parents are too scared to cycle with their children and it just seems so unnecessary as most roads are wide enough to have very wide and safe cycle paths…

    To end on a positive note: The councils seem very keen to talk to us and it feels like everyone wants to improve the facilities. However, we really need more volunteers to help with campaigning so please do come to our meetings and/ or contribute to our forums – it’s our chance to make things better!

  3. Christinej

    My son is 5 and he cycles on the road every day to school. Keep doing it! I have no objection to slowing traffic and why should you? I keep him on the inside of me and as he gets more competent he goes ahead of me. He follows instructions very carefully and has the beginnings of good road sense. How else to kids develop road sense other than riding on the road?
    The roads were built for all vehicles and especially in towns, it’s up to us to get the next generation into bikes. They are fabulous to get about afterall!
    This might also be a a good subject for a piece in the paper. There are quite a few parents willing and able to take their kids with them on the road and countless who might if the roads were safer.

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