Why not apply to be a local councillor?

There are due to be elections for the District, City and Parish councils in our area in May (at the same time as the General Election).

The City and Parish elections are only held if more people apply than the number of available seats, otherwise all the applicants become councillors without an election. That’s what has happened in recent years, so the current City and Parish councillors weren’t actually elected.

Under the recently enacted localism legislation the City and Parish councils now have a much larger say in local affairs. They need to truly represent the local community. That will only happen if more people apply to be councillors and there are actual elections.

Anyone can apply to be a councillor for the area where they live, so why not apply?

If you are interested the forms are available from the ECDC website

They must be returned between 10am on 30th of March and 4pm on the 9th April


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