Steve Barclay MP pushing for Ely to Chatteris cycle route

letter-steve-barclay-mepal-manea-routeFollowing our successful campaign, the missing section of cycle route between Witchford and Sutton is now under construction. Once complete it will give a cycle route using segregated cycle lanes and relatively quiet village roads from Ely to Sutton and Mepal.

In a letter published in the Sutton Pepperpot (pictured) North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay writes that he is pushing for that route to continue via Manea to Chatteris. Steve’s office has been in contact with us and the Cycle4Chatteris campaign group to try to get this project going.

The idea is to open up the maintenance roadway along the north west side of the river Delph to cyclists and pedestrians. The roadway, which goes between Mepal and Welney is owned by the Environment Agency. It was recently used for the Ouse Washes Experience organised by the Ouse Washes Partnership and Ely – Hereward Rotary Club. The roadway links to Manea and from there on to Chatteris.

One crucial part of the route would be a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river Delph at Mepal. This would link the route directly into Mepal village avoiding the A142. Without a new pedestrian and cycle bridge the route would be a lot less useful.



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