Our response to the Proposed Development off Field End, Witchford

Specific cycle provision.

The Framework Travel Plan talks a lot about discouraging car use and providing facilities cycling and walking but the details are currently lacking “6.1.4 Provision of Facilities for Cyclists & Pedestrians. To be agreed with the local authority once the development layout has been finalised.”

We would expect to see separate cycleways, not shared use paths, on the final plans. These should be 2.1m minimum width, not give way to side streets and provide direct routes to:

  1. The centre of the village, Primary School and Village College (via Common Road)
  2. The nearest park and Post Office (via Victoria Green)

In addition we expect the developers to provide cycleways along Field End and Common Road which will become busier due to the development. These routes should be suitable for children to use to get to school.

General traffic management.

At present much of the motor traffic from the Field End area going to Ely heads through the village rather than using the Common Road / A142 junction. This is because it is dangerous and difficult to turn right out of Common Road onto the A142 at this junction. Unless this junction is improved it seems likely that much of the traffic from the new development will also head through the village on its way to Ely.

To reduce the traffic through the village and improve the safety of the Common Road / A142 junction we would like to see the development fund a new roundabout on this junction. A roundabout would also improve access to Sedgeway Business Park. We would obviously expect there to be a cycleway around the new roundabout joining the business park to the village.

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