Introduction rides with Ely Cycling Club

Ely Cycling Club are running a new club ride on Saturdays, 9am from Witchford Village College which is slower and shorter than their Sunday rides and more suitable for those new to riding in a group. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates:

The rides will be a good opportunity for those new to, or just getting back into cycling, those that are new to riding in a group, those coming back from injuries or experienced riders who fancy a leg turner. The distance will usually be around 40 miles and we will try to plan route so that there is points at which people can cut it short if they wish because of time constraints or how you’re feeling. The pace will be set to the slowest rider, but we would like to aim at a steady 15-16 mph. New riders will be given a brief introduction to things such as hand signals that are used e.g pointing out pot holes. Most of all this is about enjoying riding with other people, and improving your fitness and bike skills.

You can see the details of their first ride here:
A few guidelines for new riders:

When on the ride, if any one is finding the pace a little much, get a message to the riders on the front, we will the ease off. Please don’t be embarrassed to do this; we’ve all been there, some of us a lot of times.

Please make sure your bike is in good working order, mudguards would be preferable for winter riding as a courtesy to your fellow riders.
Cycling helmets are also preferable but again not compulsory (it’s your head)
Please make sure you have enough fluids and snacks you can easily carry and consume whilst riding.

It’s a good idea to carry a spare inner tube and necessary tools for dealing with a puncture.

But above all enjoy the ride.
Looking forward to seeing some new and old faces.

The rides will be leaving from Witchford Village College at 9.00

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