Our response to the Ely Southern Bypass plans

>p>cycle lane mock upWe’re glad to see there is now a route defined using the old HGV lane. However we have the following concerns about the route as currently depicted on the plans.

  1. The Angel Drove end of the route should tie into connecting routes.
    In particular

    1. it should form an obvious continuation for anyone cycling along Station Road from Back Hill / Broad Street to the Station.
    2. given the 2-way nature of the route it should also provide an obvious route to rejoin Station Road for anyone cycling back towards Back Hill / Broad Street. How these cyclists cross Station Road just north of the Angel Drove roundabout should be carefully considered.
  2. The Angel Drove roundabout end of the route should make full use of the width of the lay-by, it doesn’t currently appear to do so.
  3. The sharp kink in the route at the southern end of the lay-by should be removed, so that the route follows as straight a path as possible.
  4. Given the intended 2-way use the route should be as wide as possible given the available carriageway space.
  5. The route currently shows separation by road colour and white lining. We feel this is insufficient especially given it’s 2-way nature. There should be additional physical separation included in the design. We suggest that raised “Armadillo” type separators should be used as a minimum.
  6. The Station end of the route should have a Toucan crossing or similar. Preferably either triggered by approaching cycles via an induction loop (similar to the crossing on Queens Road Cambridge) and/or linked to the phase of the lights in the underpass.
  7. The Station end of the route should not give way to the road up to the level crossing which will become an access only side road (as the level crossing is being closed).

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