Shopping, the new fitness phenomenon.

shopping-by-bikeAfter one of the City of Ely councillors informed me that you can’t do your supermarket shopping by bike, I have been inspired to keep a record of just how much shopping I can do by bike. This evening’s £63 shop in Sainsbury’s, including 6 pints of yoghurt, a litre of washing up liquid, a large bag of fruit and veg, a dozen eggs (none broken) icecream tub, Tirimisu Magnums!!! so not watching my weight figuratively or otherwise. I now can cycle up Lisle Lane in 2nd gear, that might be the lack of child on the back. I do only have 3 gears, 2 being the flat gear mainly. This can also be my way to brag about my fitness regime, no donations to charity necessary, although Ely Cycle Campaign is a bargain at £6 a year.

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