Pro-Social Cycling

Alex’s dad, Chris showing his son how it’s done ;)Yet again this week “Anti-Social Cycling” is reported in the paper. This time it’s the City Council who feel it is an issue. The truth is that cycling is actually a very “Pro-Social” activity, unlike driving around in cars.

Here’s an example. A couple of weeks ago I was riding home after the campaign’s monthly meeting. As I rode up Cambridge Road heading home to Witchford I was overtaken by another cyclist. I realised that it was my neighbour. So I sped up to catch up with him. We spent the rest of the ride home cycling side-by-side along the cycle path chatting. I’d never really spoken to him before beyond a cursory “Hello”. It was really nice to have a proper chat.

If we’d been driving cars that social interaction would never have happened.

The above is an exaggerated example of a pretty common experience to anyone who rides a bike regularly. Positive social interaction. A wave, a smile, a quick “Hello”, a jocular “Cor it’s windy today” and so on. These little interactions help to make a community. None of them happen when you drive a car.

Cycling is not an anti-social activity, driving around in a car insulated from the world is. That is the anti-social behaviour we should be tackling. It’s just a pity that the City Council can’t see that.

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