May Bank Holiday ride to Reach Fair

This is the first year that we as the Ely Cycling Campaign have organised the ride to Reach Fair from Ely. I went last year with my then 5 year old son who cycled with us to Wicken and got taken the rest of the way by car. This year he’d initially said, no way, too far! 6 year reach fairolds are far more aware of when they want to expend their energy it seems.  But then at the 11th hour, as I was getting my bike out to leave, he runs out the door, bare foot, half dressed announcing he’s coming after all.

We met up with everyone at Ely Station, there were four of us from the Cycle Campaign, John, Andy B, me (Christine) and our Dutch member Mark, with his lovely wife Becky who pulled her 4 year old son, Yona in the Trailer as far as Wicken. We were eight in total when we left Ely at 10am. 6 year old, Leon kept the pace all the way to Wicken where we stopped for an ice cream, before continuing our way along the NCN 11.CameraZOOM-20130506141302348IMG_5355

We were soon in Reach just after midday. The weather was glorious and it was great to see all the bikes and cyclists out there enjoying the sunshine and the fabulous atmosphere of the fair.

One thought on “May Bank Holiday ride to Reach Fair

  1. Hi Christine,

    Indeed: a wonderful journey on such a – lately quite rare – gorgeous day! We were very impressed with Leon keeping up so well – well done! Yona loved seeing all the bikes together – we shall do this again this summer?

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