Simply No Cycle Parking at M&S

simply no cycle parking 2As some of you will be aware the shop at the BP filling station on the A10 / A142 junction recently changed hands from Budgens to M&S. As part of the refurbishment the nasty cycle parking has been removed. Unfortunately it’s not been replaced, despite there being ample room to put in 3 or 4 cycle hoops to provide some good quality cycle parking.

It may seem add to be brining up cycle parking at a filling station. This is however the nearest food shop for the residents of nearby Witchford (The village Post Office does stock a few food items but not a huge amount and it’s not open all hours). The filling station is also just over the A10 from a large residential area for which is it also the nearest shop. Both of these residential areas are in easy cycling distance and in fact the route to Witchford is possibly the best bit of cycle infrastructure in East Cambs.

It wouldn’t be expensive or difficult to install a few cycle racks for those who want to pop in  to the shop. We raised this on Twitter but M&S have so far failed to respond. It turns out that the Cambridge Cycling Campaign are having similar difficulties getting M&S to install cycle parking outside their Beehive store. Do M&S not want cyclists shopping in their stores? Is it only “Your M&S” if you arrive by car?

2 thoughts on “Simply No Cycle Parking at M&S

  1. As this is on the same subject of cycle racks I would like to add that I went into Waitrose today and asked to see a manager; I showed a deputy manager 5 bikes attached to the nearest trolley store to the entrance, then showed him the 5 bike racks which are behind the bars near the cash dispenser. I know that this topic has already been approached but I thought there was no harm in having another go. The deputy manager said he did not know that the bike racks were there ( he had not been at Ely very long)
    Anyway he said he would do something about it – we can but hope!
    (I have left this comment here as I did not know which google group it belonged to!) Hope someone will see it.
    Bill Perry

  2. Didn’t Waitrose agree some months back to put in bike racks along the wall facing the car park?

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